Spending Two Weeks In Historic Malta

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A Two Week Itinerary For Seeing everything Malta has to offer.

I’d heard of Malta of course however I have to confess prior to meeting a lovely young Maltese couple in South Africa, I didn’t really know anything at all about Malta. After trouping around South Africa with them for a month I saw photos and heard all about Malta. My obsession with spending time in this small but mighty country was born.

Today while external influences do exist, Malta is very much its own country. The national languages are Maltese and English, so its very easy to get around and to communicate and while it isn’t a large country I was very surprised at the amount of space that they have. I was thinking it was going to be like Singapore I guess. I figured such a small country would be pretty much one big city but no, it has many different personalities, influences and a wide variety of scenery.

How long should you stay in Malta

Malta, while small has a lot to offer. I would recommend a minimum of a week and that would mean you are busy most days. 2 Weeks will enable you to really immerse yourself into Maltese culture and give you a few more days to enjoy Malta’s amazing beach weather and have a few relaxation days as well.

Jen and Brad at the Mdina Rabat Malta
At the Mdina Gates in Rabat Malta

Must Visit Locations In Malta

Malta has a wide variety of places to see and things to do and you won’t find yourself short on sightseeing adventures. Some of the best that Malta has to offer are listed below and of course my Itinerary includes all these locations.

  • Valetta,
  • The Three Cities,
  • Marsaxlokk,
  • Hgar Qim,
  • Popeye Village,
  • Rabat Mdina,
  • St Pauls Catacombs,
  • Mosta Church

This article has a list of the best things to see and do in Malta.

How Expensive is Malta?

Malta’s currency is Euro so against our Aussie dollar not so great, however we found it to be much more affordable that we thought it would be. A nice meal out was 18-22 Euro, a budget coffee 2-3 Euro.

Morning sunrise over the Popeye Film Village in Malta
Morning sunrise over the Popeye Film Village in Malta

Getting To Malta

Qatar Airways seems to be the easiest way to get to Malta from Australia with only one stop. These flights are from Melbourne so if you are somewhere else you will have to get to Melbourne. These are the only flights I can find that have only one stop and are a reasonable cost.

Alternatively Air Malta fly from most big cities in Europe.

Getting Around Malta

Malta Public Bus Service is cheap and plentiful however make sure you read the timetable carefully. We were staying in Rabat and there were a few early pickups at the stop across the road and then nothing during the day. These are for workers early and then when the traffic is busy and the cars can park during the day, we had to walk to the Medina to catch buses. Their website has a journey planner.

While Malta is small, its not tiny and things are spread out so a hire car might be your best option. I love taking the public transport so I don’t usually hire a car unless I can’t get somewhere on the bus but I would understand having a hire car in Malta. Make sure you check that you have parking at your accommodation though. It’s not a given.

What Is the The Food Like In Malta?

The proximity to Italy and Africa means that the food is fantastic in Malta. Alexia and Kurt took us to a traditional restaurant one night for the Rabbit that Malta is known for and it was very nice. Apart from that you can eat everything from Tagines to Tagliatelle. I found that a cheap little local restaurant was €14-18 for a good main meal and a more upmarket restaurant €16-18 for pasta and €20-22 for a main meal.

Safety Concerns In Malta

Malta is very safe and I didn’t see any challenges at all in the weeks I was there. I’m sure they do have the same as any country but it was very safe and easy to get around. As always use your head, don’t put yourself in situations that you wouldn’t at home, but apart from that I found Malta to be a great place for solo travel in particular.

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The Perfect Two Week Itinerary For Malta

I’ve split this itinerary across the two islands so to make the most of your time and location. I’ve also tried to group things you will want to see and do together to ensure you spend your time well.

Malta Itinerary Day 1-6

For this first part of your adventure in Malta, I’ve assumed you will stay in or around Valletta. Of course you can stay anywhere in Malta but this will mean you are in the main city and can find your feet easily.

Day1: Arrival

Head to your accommodation today and get unpacked. If you are looking to stretch your legs take a walk around the city to familiarise yourself with your location. Don’t forget to walk down Straight Street for some traditional Valletta apartment views.

Day 2: History and Museums

Spend your day today checking out Malta’s history by visiting the local museums and historical venues. Be sure to include the following:

All of these locations are in Valletta and are within walking distance of each other. There are more museums to see but these are the best in my opinion and doing these today will enable you to understand more of what you see over the next 12 days.

Day 3: Barrakka Gardens and The 3 cities

Check out Upper Barrakka Gardens and the Saluting Battery before taking the lift down to the lower level to catch the water taxi across to the 3 cities.

The gardens change with each season, but are always worth a visit and there is also public toilets on site. In the south west corner of the gardens is a lift down to street level which will put you just opposite the water taxi location. You can mark the lift on your map but its easy to spot. The lift is 1 Euro.

Once you get down to the lower level head straight out toward the water and down the little alleyway to the Water Taxi Location. Just jump on a taxi and head over to the 3 cities.

You can do the 3 Cities on your own but I would highly recommend doing a tour. We did one from Rolling Geeks which was excellent. You get your own buggy and just follow direction as given to you by the virtual guide. You get to see all over the three cities and learn heaps which puts everything into perspective. The company can see where you are at any time so if you do get lost they will put you on the right track.

Fort St Elmo Valletta
Fort St Elmo Valletta looking over to the Three Cities.

Day 4: Rest Day for Wandering Around Valletta.

By now you will have your bearings so why not spend the day with a great Maltese coffee to start, some traditional food and some relaxation time. Head down to the Valletta Waterfront for a meal at one of the many popular restaurants. Try IL-Forn Ta’ L-Għawdxi for traditional Goztan Ftira (a kind of wood fired pizza).

Day 5: Sea Caves and Seafood Lunch

Today you can head down to Marsaxlokk for an amazing seafood lunch. The weekends here are very busy but during the week you will be able to get a table with no challenge. The bay is really beautiful set off by the hundreds of brightly coloured boats that fish these waters.

On the way you can visit The Kalanka Sea Caves, the salt pans of Marsaskala, Munxar Window and St Peters pool for some great ocean views and lookouts along the way. Don’t miss the white cliffs of Ponta tal-Grigal. The color of the ocean against the stark white of the cliffs is just beautiful.

A little past Marsaxlokk is Ghar Dalam Cave which is also worth a visit. It is also on the main road that will take you back to Valletta so if you are after a swim, head back the direction you came and stop at St Thomas bay which is a sandy beach.

NB: If you are thinking of hiring a car, keep it for a few days as the next few will also be very handy to be able to drive yourself.

Boats in Marsaxlokk harbour Malta
Boats in Marsaxlokk harbour Malta

Day 6: Ħaġar Qim, Tarxien Temples & The Blue Grotto

Leaving Valletta make the Tarxien Temples your first stop and then make your way to The Blue Grotto and then on to Hagar Qim. These ruins are quite unique and bizarrely reminded me of the Inca temples outside Cusco in Peru. The quality of the building blocks and the way they fit together is quite incredible.

AFter leaving Hagar Qim, stop to see Dingli Cliffs and then head up to Verdala Palace. Once you are finished there, take the small road back toward Zubbug and head to St Philip Bar and Restaurant for lunch. This place is amazing. It doesn’t look like much but it has a great mix of popular food, local dishes and some amazing salads.

I know you will find yourself quite close to Rabat today but we will spend a whole day there later in the week.

Hagar Qim building blocks
Hagar Qim’s amazing quality building blocks

Malta Itinerary Day 7-10

Today you can either move over to Rabat for a few days or just stay in your Valletta Accommodation and head over on the bus.

Day 7: Rabat and the Mdina

Rabat is Malta’s other main city. Its much smaller than Valletta and way more local. We stayed in Rabat for a few days and just loved it. All the locals would sit out in the plazas and chat amongst themselves, it was quieter once you get away from the Mdina and has some amazing cafes and eateries.

If you have returned your car you can get the Rabat 3 bus direct from Valletta to the Mdina in Rabat. The buses run from the street right next to St James Bastion. Its about half an hour to the Mdina stop in Rabat.

There are public toilets just outside the Mdina Gate and of course a few options for meals inside the Mdina. They will be more expensive inside but some have amazing views so its a choice. One of our favourite restaurants was Root 81 just outside the Mdina.

While you are in Rabat consider visiting St Paul’s Catacombs. I loved this site. It’s a bit of a do it yourself walk through and is well signed with information.

The Medina in Rabat
The Medina in Rabat

Day 8: Beach Day

Malta has some amazing coastline but unfortunately not too many sandy beaches. While it is supremely popular and can get very crowded one of the easiest ones to get to is Paradise Bay. From Valletta catch the Line 41 bus for around 40 minutes or from Rabat get on the X3 to Burmarrad and then change to the 41. Remember English is one of Malta’s main languages so you can ask the driver almost anything and they will help. Because you have to change buses it will take about an hour and 20 mins from Rabat.

Alternatively consider St George’s Bay which I didn’t love but its much easier to get to. It was just too busy and too touristy for me, but it is a decent sand beach, there are services all along the beach front and sun beds for hire.

From Valletta Take the Line 13 Bus and from Rabat take the 202 Bus from Rabat 3 stop.

Day 9: Rest Day

If you feel like a rest day today, spend the day relaxing or you could jump on the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus and get on and off anywhere around the island you might like. They have 2 routes the purple northern route and the red southern route. I love the hop-on-hop-off buses. They are a great way to get around and at $38 AUD for a ticket if you plan your day well you can use them as a cheap Uber. Get your tickets here and scroll down to choose which route you would like.

Day 10: Get Out On The Water

Malta’s beaches and bays are best seen from the water. I can’t stress enough how amazing a day out in a boat around Malta is. It was by far our favourite day but we are boaties at heart.

There are many tours that operate in and around the main island. Choose one that suits what your travel style is.

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Malta Itinerary Day 11-14

Today we are going to move over to Gozo for the last few days. Gozo is the northern smaller island of Malta and is just as beautiful as the main island.

Day 11: Transfer to Gozo

You can get the ferry to Gozo easily and affordably. The ferry runs every 30 to 45 mins depending on the time of day and its only €4.65 for walk on passengers. If you wish to take a car its €15.70 for the car and one passenger. You will have to get yourself to the Cirkewwa Passenger Terminal at the far northern point of Malta. The crossing takes around 25 minutes.

Day 12: Tuk Tuk Tour Of Gozo

This is a fantastic way to see Gozo. They have many meeting points and its super affordable and of course great fun. Its only 79 Euro per person and I found that to be really good for how much ground you cover and what you get to see.

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Day 13: Visit Camino on a Kayak Tour

Even if you aren’t a regular paddler, this tour is still great. They are very welcoming and provide everything you need for a great few hours. You get to swim, snorkel, see the Blue Lagoon and of course paddle into some amazing caves in and around Comino. At around 50 euro per person it is well worth it.

I’m not a wonderful kayaker and this was pretty easy even for me. I am a crazy snorkeller and knew that I would be in and out of the water. I was a little nervous about having to get into and out of my kayak but they made it very easy and often would come into shore for me to get back on.

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Day 14: Sadly You Will Need To Get To The Airport Today

Head back to the airport in time for your flight home. I’m sure you will have had a wonderful 2 weeks in Malta and please let me know of any tips or new tours that you found that I should add to this list.

Malta: Info & Tips for Visiting

English is one of Malta’s national languages so if you speak English it is very easy to get by.

Their medical system is very good and very affordable. I stepped off a pavement in Nice and something went bang in my foot. Two weeks later I was still hobbling like a fool so bit the bullet and went to the medical centre in Rabat. My doc’s appointment was 9am and I had done the doctor, gone to Mosta for an Xray, got the report and back to the doc and out the door by 11:30. FOR FREE! I kept trying to pay and they kept saying it was OK.

Its super easy to travel locally in Malta. The bus services are regular and reliable.

Ferry’s run to and from Gozo multiple times per day, and there are hourly public buses around Gozo. Make sure you know what time your ferry is to catch the correct bus. 

Make sure you take Reef Shoes with you. There are very few sandy beaches in Malta but MANY wonderful coves to swim at, but you do need reef shoes to protect your feet.

Accommodation On Malta

I got an AirBnB cottage for my time in Malta and loved it. Knowing that my stay would be a few weeks I wanted to be able to prepare my own food and try and budget expenses so the cottage in Rabat was perfect for that. 

My recommendations would be to stay in either Rabat or Valletta as they are the main bus stops unless you want to stay in the seaside area where all the English tourists seem to stay. That looked very popular but just wasn’t for me. I wanted to feel like I was in Malta and not in an apartment with 5000 other sun worshipers so my choice was based around that. Not that I haven’t done that before, but May isn’t warm enough for us as Australians to be really sun focused so I wanted to be in a more Maltese setting.

Rabat Accommodation

Budget Hotel

My Travel House - budget accommodation in Rabat Malta

Rooms from around 80 Euro per night, in a great location in the centre of Rabat.

Mid Range

Point de vue hotel, Rabat, Malta

Rooms from around $120 Euro per night. Breakfast is included and its a great small hotel.

Top End

Xara Palace The Medina Rabat

Rooms start from around 175 euro per night but are dependent on season. It is inside the Medina walls

Valletta Accommodation

Budget Hotel

Chateau La Vallette Room

Chateau La Vallette

Rooms from around 93 Euro per night, in a wonderful guest house in a great location in the centre of Valletta.

Mid Range

It-Tikka room Valletta


Self contained apartment in an excellent location. Very traditional in style and good value at 120 Euro per night.

Top End

Palais Le Brun Room.

Palais Le Brun

Complete with rooftop pool this hotel offers rooms & suites. From 260 Euro per night its still not badly priced.

Finally Would I Recommend Malta??

Absolutely YES. It’s not a budget destination like some areas of Spain or Portugal but it is affordable if you watch what you are doing. I loved it and the variety of things to see and do impressed me greatly.

Fort St Elmo Valletta
Valletta’s Grand Harbour