Me with a very patient policeman at Mardi Gras New Orleans around 2001
Jen Dog Sledding
Jen snorkelling in To Sua Ocean Trench
Jen hiking Annapurna
The impressive roots of the Ma Tree Samoa

Welcome to Charge The Globe’s travel blog. Being over 40 doesn’t mean you still can’t have adventure travel experiences, but it might mean you do it in comfortable shoes.

I hope you can find travel inspiration and practical information on destinations and travel hacks to make your next adventure the very best one yet. Jen

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My Travel Stories

If you’ve been around for a little while or you know me personally, you will have definitely heard about that time I patted a wild whale! You might also have heard about that time I got my boobs fondled by a woman in Ethiopia and maybe also heard the story of Rosario and Bruce from the Camino. These posts are my personal travel stories.

They have no financial value or any real credibility for Google, but they are stories that moved me. Stories I can still shed a tear over and stories that always make me smile. Travel is more than where to stay in El Nido or what to eat in Uganda (ROLEX!!!) – it is the experiences that move you to keep going, keep learning and keep Charging The Globe.

30 Second Advice: Quick Travel Hacks

TLDR?? No time? Check out these easy to consume posts with some great travel tips and hacks all in 30 seconds or less. Like how to send money to yourself, or ticket booking tips. They are short sharp and to the point.