Where To Put Fuel Into Your Hire Car

Which side is the fuel filler on in your hire car?

I only found this out about a year ago and it is one of the BEST things I've ever learned!

How many times have you pulled into the servo (that's Australian for Service Station or Fuel station or Gas station) in a hire car and not known which side the fuel filler was on? How frustrating is that! And how humiliating when you get it wrong and have to back up or do the circle of shame to get on the right side.

No More!

All modern cars have a little arrow next to the fuel pump symbol that tell you which side of the car the fuel filler is on. OMG – how AMAZING!

Now you won't have to look like a goose at the servo in Spain. You can drive in like a pro, fill up and speed away. Not faster than the speed limit though…..

Fuel filler indicator on car dash
Fuel filler indicator on car dash
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