I’m Jenny – An Over 50’s
Female Traveller

Even with over 30 years of travel experience, there is SO much I’ve yet to see. My travel style is grass roots, mostly solo & mostly independent, and now over 50’s focused  (oh struth – how did I get to be 56!!)

My travel adventures have enabled me to gather quite the collection of travel stories, not to mention being able to assemble some great planning and travel tips & tricks that I hope will help you to Charge The Globe – in whatever manner you see fit!

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At the tropic of cancer in Mauritania

My Travel Experience – And Why It Matters

I’ve been travelling for over 30 years. My very first overseas trip was to Bali in around 1986! I loved Bali then. That is one of the benefits of being older – you can remember everything “like it was”! I’ve travelled vacation style, for days, for weeks, for months and with an open ticket for almost 2 years.

I try to travel on a reasonable budget. YES like everyone I love to get a bargain but I’m also probably not going to stay in a really crap hostel and be constantly worried about what is going to disappear and have to share a room with partiers who come back at 3am and whisper louder than I can yell.

Mostly I love meeting the people from a region and have managed to see some amazing local places and have some incredible experiences because a local has told me about it.

More About What I Stand For

I travel clean and I travel green. 

offset ALL my flights, and I try to spend my money with local businesses wherever I go.

I have perfected my “travel face” & it means I rarely get hassled to buy anything.

There is no place in the world for travel snobs. If you want to stay at the Hilton – go for it. I’m never going to assume you have less curiosity or aren’t a “real” traveler  because that makes you feel safe.

My hair is always unfashionably frizzy and I’m also always in comfortable shoes.

Universally – usually, people are good and will help. 

You will make some massive mistakes, but you know what – they are the stories you tell. The ones where everything went wrong are the ones you remember. 

More About Me

My New Faourite Thing: Montane Trailblazer Backpack. At 385grams, waterproof and with amazing shoulder pockets – this is going to be my next day pack for sure.

  • I swear (cuss, have a potty mouth) WAY too much. I can’t stop. Its an addiction.
  • My dogs are both rescues, one a rescue Am Staff and the other a rescue English Staffie, both with a cleft palate.
  • I sponsor a Rhino, Malaysian Sun Bears and an Orangutan.
  • My favourite food is probably mangos. But real Bowen mangos!
  • I found out I had broken my neck about 20 years after I did it.
  • My tattoo’s can be measured in square meters.
  • My survivor meal would be a super fresh egg, cheese and salad sandwich.
  • I’ve had 165 stitches in my life (I counted one train tip when I was bored!)
  • I love my own company.
  • I have Brad and some great friends but I could easily become a hermit if anything happened to Brad.
  • My FAVE band is Rammstein. 
  • I’m not a great flyer. Weird I know and I’m not scared but it makes me feel very unwell so not a fan.
  • I used to be absolutely terrified of chickens. Africa cured me of that. You can’t go anywhere in Africa an not see chickens.
  • My hair is unfashionably frizzy and I’m always fighting off dreadlocks (and not the cool Lenny Kravitz kind).
  • I am the master of the shit selfie.
  • I once patted a wild whale !
  • My second toe is HEAPS longer than my big toe.
  • I HATE KARAOKE! Karaoke is evil!
  • I own a custom Harley 883 that my husband bought for me for our wedding anniversary.
  • I say what I think too often and too loud. I’m working on it.
  • My favorite word is “obfuscate”
  • If I could live anywhere in the world I would live exactly where I do. Everyone thinks that’s weird and I don’t get homesick at all when I’m away, but if I had to live somewhere for the rest of my days, I’d stay exactly where we are.
  • I have been married to Brad for 31 years this year (2023) and we got married on the 29th Feb 1992. This is supposedly the “luckiest” day in the millennium according to the Chinese. Its 29292 – fully reversable and the day of a leap year!
  • To follow up on that, I don’t believe in luck!

A few of my favourite photos

These are some of my favourite shots from over 30 years of travelling. Sadly when I started it was film camera’s and I no longer have any of those photos. Living in the tropics isn’t condusive to keeping printed photos in good condition sadly.