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Walking The Camino AND Eating Tapas!

While I always wanted to see Spain, I had no idea how much there was to see in Spain. The regions of Spain change not just in landscape, but people, food and even pronunciation so it is worth committing to an extended time frame for your Spanish adventures. I spent 3 months in Spain and really feel like I could spend that again and not touch on the same places. Spain to this day is one of my favourite countries and while my Spanish es terrible, I'm working on getting it to a point where it is decent and I can spend some time there perfecting it.

My Fave Photo From Spain

Amul, Parul, Anvi, Brad, Sue and Myself at Santiago Cathedral after the Camino

We met some amazing people hiking the Camino De Santiago, but Parul, Amul and Anvi (A family from California) were so great. We hiked with them a few times and made sure that we all walked into Santiago together. From all the incredible images I have from Spain, this IS Spain to me. The experiences we had while hiking the Camino can never be replaced and that is always what makes a photo great to me.

It's always the people.

All About Spain

Must Have Info About Spain

  • Spanish that you use from Central and South America is different to Spanish in Spain. The “c” sound is a “th” sound in Spain – kind of like a little lisp. Once you get used to that, its much easier.

  • Apart from the really touristy areas, the Siesta period is heavily observed. Shops close, restaurants aren't open until 7-8pm and everything shuts down for this period. Just get on board and rest in the middle of the day yourself.

  • Wine along the Camino Frances path is often as little as 3 euro per glass! That is essential info!

  • It's not wildly difficult to be vegetarian in Spain but it isn't as easy as a lot of other places. Meat is everywhere in Spain (some of the best you will ever eat!).

  • The smaller football games are often better than the massive ones. We did a Real Madrid game (which was excellent) and then did a Barca game in Barcelona and it was even better.

  • The public transport system in Spain is very good and very affordable.


  • Spain has a population of over 47 million.

  • Spain did not enter world war 1 or 2. It maintained its neutrality.

  • Spain was once a collection of different kingdoms. It has only been “Spain” since the 15th century.

  • Men are expected to live to around 80 and women aound 83 which is one of the highest life expectancies in the world, which of course has created one of the oldest populations in the world.

  • If you would like to, you can catch the ferry from Algeciras to Ceuta which is a Spanish enclave on the African continent. So you can be on the African mainland and not leave Spain!

  • Spain has over 45 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Spain has over 90 cathedrals, 750 Monasteries and over 23,000 parishes. Despite this only around 13% of Spanish attend church on Sundays.

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    Everyone talks about the food in Spain, but its not just the food, its the diversity of it from region to region. A lot of the food is the same but how they prepare it is unique to very specific areas.

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    3 Must Do's For Spain

    I had wanted to see the Sagrada Familia for years before I actually got there, but I was absolutely stunned at how incredible it really was. You cannot miss this in Barcelona BUT BOOK EARLY!

    The Roman Aqueduct in Segovia is only an hours drive from Madrid. The close by town of Avila is a medievil city with fully intact walls and also incredible to see. I was stunned with both and don't think you should miss either. Click the image for a day tour from Madrid that includes both.

    The Alhambra is another attraction that sells out early so please make sure you book. Don't try and do it on your own. The history and stories are really worth hearing as you head around the complex. We spent almost 6 hours inside and I can't imagine you can see everything in less time.

    More Things To Do In Spain

    While Spain is very popular with the Europeans as a beach destination, that's not how I think of Spain at all. It is small village, beautiful architecture, stunning mountain ranges & incredible food!

    • See the glass house in Retiro Park Madrid

    • Spend a few days in Burgos – its a surprising city in the central west of Spain

    • Peratallada is a small medieval town about 22km from Girona and is just beautiful

    • The beaches of the Costa Brava.

    • Spend a day in Gibraltar

    • Toledo's Jewish Quarter

    • See Ronda

    • Las Medulas roman mines

    • Barcelona

    • Montserrat Day trip

    • Spend 2 days in Seville

    • Basilica of San Isidoro Leon – a real surprise

    • The Balearic Islands

    • Hike the Camino Frances to Santiago de Compostela

    Tip for Spain

    Parking in the cities is difficult to get and only for very small cars. If you get a hire car they will provide you with what would be a tiny car here in Australia, however don't be tempted to upgrade. Stick with the tiny car or you will never be able to park anywhere. Spain does have a fantastic transport system to and from almost all the major towns so if you can get the bus or train, do it that way. The only exception to this is the north east near the costa Brava and the more remote areas.