30 Second Advice – No 11: Buy Good Hiking Shoes

30 Second Advice No 11: Buy Good Hiking Shoes

I was so rubbish on rocky ground when I was hiking and always thought I was just really unco (which isn't really wrong), however as soon as I purchased Altra trail shoes that changed completely.

If you know that 99% of the time you put your foot down the grip on your shoe is going to keep you there, your hiking becomes so much more efficient and you develop a level of trust that enables you to get faster and more confident.

I used to always just hike in whatever sports shoes I was using at the time (boots just don't work for me) and because they were always great quality shoes I always assumed they would be OK for on the trails.


Dedicated trail shoes with specifically designed grip are the BOMB!

If you've ever done The Otter Trial in South Africa you will know that the first day is just a rock scramble. I was like a damn jackrabbit instead of a snail in my new Altra's and have never looked back since that day.


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