A Road Trip Through The Thousand Islands Canada

Stalking Saint Vincent for Barn Photos

Here in Australia we just don't have the concept of “Barns” the way that other countries do.

We don't have the weather that requires our livestock have a warm place to sleep and our farming equipment is stored in huge metal, purely utilitarian sheds.

So when my cousin told me that I would see a lot of the typical northern US barns during our road trip through the Thousand Islands area, I immediately went into Barn Stalking mode. Unfortunately our week in the area was in November so already cold and of course it absolutely poured with rain the entire time we were there. I wasn't that upset as I thought I would get these dramatic moody images of decrepit structures, however it was way TOO wet to even get out of the car for most of the time.

This was the last day of our trip and we were heading back to the Canadian border when the rain lifted a little, some rays broke through the clouds and this barn popped right up alongside the road.

It's not the best photo, but it will always remind me of that week in the Thousand Islands and how incredibly beautiful that area is.

Jenny Marsden - Charge The Globe
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