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Travelling In Samoa

Beautiful scenery and lovely people

We have a thing we do for all our nieces and nephews. When they graduate year 12 instead of giving them money toward college or a car, we take them on a trip hoping to teach them how easy it is to travel and how much there is to see in the world.

In 2019 Jack our second last nephew finished his high school so off to Samoa we went. Jack doesn't have any other cousins that age with him so we took his two best mates. I really think I should put ” survived two weeks in Oceania with three 18 year olds ” on to my resume . Honestly they were great but the sheer lack of organisation drove me to distraction. Samoa was the perfect place for us for that trip however. Snorkeling every day, eating amazing fresh seafood, hiking and swimming in ocean trenches – Samoa was amazing.

My Fave Photo From The Samoa

Matareva Beach Storm Samoa

I took this as a storm was rolling in during our few days at Matareva Beach Fale's on the mid west coast of Upolo, Samoa's main island. The boys were swimming in this natural hole surrounded by rocks and reef when the clouds rolled in and it was clear a storm was coming.

We all ended up in the water with the rain pouring down around us and it was an amazing way to spend our last afternoon in Samoa.

Matareva Beach Fale's are around $50 pp per night, however, that includes breakfast and dinner with your Fale stay. The fales are slightly elevated beach huts with roofs and palm frond awnings you can pull down to block the light and rain. We stayed in December and even with no fans because you are close to the water it was definitely cool enough. Please take into account we are Australian so are used to the heat however.  There is a blog post about it further down this page.

Sleeping beachside is the best!

Information About Samoa

Must Have Info About Samoa

  • Samoan's are so friendly and just beautiful people. They will always be keen for a chat.
  • While a lot of visitors don't realise it, Samoa is quite conservative particularly dress wise. Please don't wear skimpy shorts or swim suits off the beach. That's not how they roll. 
  • Traveling in school holidays can double your costs. A lot of Samoan's work in NZ or Australia and almost ALL of them come home for Christmas so the summer holidays can be hard to find accommodation AND expensive. Plan well ahead.
  • Sim cards are available at the airport and despite what anyone tells you either of the two main providers will be fine. 
  • If you get the chance you HAVE to go to church. We did the Christmas day service and it was so much fun. I didn't film or take photo's because I wasn't sure that would be OK but there were locals there doing it so I'm assuming it would be. Make sure knees and shoulders are covered.
  • To have down time as well as see everything I would plan a two week stay. 
  • Make sure at least a few nights are spent in a beachside Fale you won't regret it.

Facts & Figures About Samoa

  • Samoa was called Western Samoa until 1997 and is a member of the commonwealth.
  • The population is around only 200,000! 
  • Apia the capital city has around 40,000 people and is very easy to navigate
  • You can travel from Samoa to American Samoa by plane in an hour or so but you end up arriving the day before due to the Intl Date Line position!
  • Average temps range not much at all. They say from an average low of 20C to an average high of 30C, however it can feel much hotter than 30 degrees. I'm Australian and love the heat and there were a few days I was “far out its hot in the sun”.
  • It is easy to fly internationally from Brisbane a few times a week. Check flight times with Samoan Air or you can fly via Fiji but that will mostly involve an overnight stay. JetRadar can help with flights and times etc

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3 Must Do's For Samoa

To Sua Ocean Trench Samoa

To-Sua Ocean Trench

This is the picture that you usually see representing Samoa. A pristine hole in the ground that goes through to the ocean which feeds in from a cave between the trench and the ocean. It is really incredible and I would thoroughly recommend it. Wear shoes you don't mind getting wet or hiking sandals as the ladder is narrow and hurts your feet without shoes. Amazing!

The beach at Le Lagato Resort on Savaai.


Make sure you get over to Savai'i the bigger but less populated island. The ferry goes regularly (a few times a day) but it is necessary to book. Savai'i is much quieter and in my humble opinion even more beautiful than Upolo. Buses run everywhere but make sure you have a soft bag and are prepared to sit on or get sat on as they fill up quickly. Ask the driver to tell you where you need to get off. Le Legato Resort is beautiful and not too expensive.

Piula Cave pool Samoa

Piula Cave Pool

Where can you swim through a cave pool and out the other side under a church? I don't know anywhere else you can do that with the exception of Samoa. It is 10 Thala to get in but it is a lovely spot & you can take your beach gear and lay around a Fale after your snorkel through the cave. It is like all Samoa a unique experience and we all loved it. Piula Cave Pool

More Things To Do In Samoa

  • Go fishing.
  • Eat the Palusami/lu'au – coconut cream and onion cooked in taro leaves
  • Visit the colored Fales for a swim and lunch
  • Snokel the Giant Clam beds on Upolo
  • Take the ferry over to Savaii
  • Snokel the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve in Apia
  • Jump on a bus and spend the day beachside in a fale just anywhere
  • Kayak the creeks out to the delta in Upolo

Tip for Samoa

Samoa is one of the safest and most beautiful countries I've ever visited. It is pristine clean, the locals are so friendly and it's a great destination for a solo female traveller, couples, or even families. I recommend Samoa to everyone.  

You need about 2 weeks to see everything and still have a relaxed holiday and you MUST stay at least one night beachside in a Fale.