Influencers Gone Bad! What’s Wrong With People?

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Influencers Who Have No Damn Clue

That word Influencer is right up there with Entrepreneur for me. It’s just a wanky way of big noting yourself or asking others to also do so. Sure there are real influencers out there who share some amazing info and images inspiring us all to great things, but if you have to illegally climb one of Egypt’s pyramids just for Instagram fodder, I’m sorry you aren’t an influencer – YOU ARE A TWAT!

How Disrespectful!

After travelling the world for a few years not too long ago, I came home with one phrase that I learned applied no matter where I was across the entire globe. I do really feel that it describes us all world wide. When anyone asks what I learned from millions of kilometers and hundreds of locatons this is it!

People Are Stupid!

I’m not leaving my self out of this statement so get off your high horse right now, but man we aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. Some more than others.

There is that level of stupid when we consistently repeat the same behavior (personally, as a community and as nations) that didn’t work out for us before, but for some reason we just do it again.

Somehow we also discount the effect of what we are doing on those around us and figure “she’ll be right!” but the worst example has to be when we know better (at the forefront of our thinking) and do it anyway.

OMG – My head is about to explode.

No Respect!

This poor excuse for an influencer decided in his wisdom to climb one of the Pyramids of Giza. He just decided. Thought it would be good for his Insta following. He’s a rule breaker it seems. But OMG – really!

What not to do if you are an “influcencer”

Getting your mate to push you down a super steep hill in a shopping trolley aka Jackass isn’t the smartest thing to do but you know what? These guys take full responsibility for their actions and no national treasures are harmed in the making of their content. (Oh struth I hope not!)

But when you are so driven for fame at any cost that you would deliberately risk damage to a site that is thousands of years old breaks my heart. What n absolute idiot. Then of course he had to post how he spent 5 days in an Egyptian jail. Should have been 5 years you moron!

I’m deliberately not naming him – not because I’m scared to –  but I’m not giving him any promotion whatsoever. I can’t believe that a grown human being would visit the pyramids in the first place only to show such disrespect to the Egyptian people.

You are a turd mate!

Rant Over!

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