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Malaysian Food is divine! From peanut curries to stir fried noodles, there is always something yum just around the corner

Street Food

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Feeling fit? Hike Borneo's Mount Kinabalu in just 2 days!

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proboscis monkeys

Visit Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary

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mulu national park

Hike into Gunung Mulu National Park via the Headhunters Trail

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Pygmy elephants

Search for Pygmy Elephants on a Kinabatangan River excursion

turtle rescue

Help send turtle hatchlings out to sea by visiting Sianagan Island Turtle Sanctuary

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1. kuching

Start your journey here

2. Mulu national park

Explore Borneo's Jungle & Caves

3. Orangutan sancruary

Get up close and personal with Orangutans

4. The Pinnacles

Test your hiking metal on The Pinnacles

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