Visiting the Garifuna Coast On Roatan, Honduras

Punta Gorda – The Garifuna Coast Roatan Honduras

Before I arrived in Roatan I had no idea what Garifuna people were. I'm going to attempt to explain it below. Please know I mean no disrespect if I get anything wrong.

The Garifuna people are are mixed race group that have desceneded from people from West Africa, the Caribean Islands and Central Africa. Some time after their arrival in the Caribbean, some also mixed with the local Amerindian population to become the Garifuna people of today. As well as being in Honduras, the Garifuna live across the Caribbean from Dominica to Trinidad and the Lesser Antilles.

If I understand it correctly, the Garifuna were brought to Roatan by the English. 5000 Garifuna were exiled (for racial reasons) and half of those were shipped to Roatan. Roatan was way too small to support even that number of Garifuna. After petitioning the Spanish authorities a lot were then relocated to Spanish colonies and spread across the Caribbean coast, and into Nicaragua and Belize.

Today Punta Gorda on Roatan's central north coast is the centre of Garifuna culture.

The Flamingo Cultural Centre

There is a great cultural centre called the Flamingo Cutural Centre which offers tours and classes. Take of the the dancing classed to find out just how unco you really are. They can swing their hips in this circular motion that was just unachievable to me. They all thought I was hilarious but it was fun.

The google maps location for the cultural centre is here.

Lunch At Punta Gorda

There are quite a few little lunch shacks and I'm assuming they are all good. I went to Garifuna Living Food which was amazing. Freshest seafood cooked to perfection in a thatched hut overlooking the ocean. What more could you possibly want?

The menu has items like:

  • Sevice (Honduran style)
  • Seafood Curry
  • Seafood Soup
  • Freshly fried or grilled fish, crays or sometimes crab.

Some Local Shopping

While we were eating lunch a beautiful local woman was waiting in the corner of the restaurant. Once we were done and looking to leave she very politely in the gorgeous lilting accent asked us if we would like to purchase any of her wares. She had earings and jewellery made from coconut shell and sea shells and considering she was so very polite I purchased 3 pairs of earings. I still have two of them and wear them often. Everytime I do I think of her and her beautiful manner and gorgeous smile.

Would I recommend Punta Gorda In Roatan

100% ABSOLUTELY. Even if you go just for lunch, it will be the best lunch you eat on Roatan.

We did a tour with Cleve's Island Adventures and I would thoroughly recommend Cleve. He is just effervescent and to start with you think “he can't possibly be like this all the time??” but yes he can. It's not a put on, that is Cleve and by the end of the day when you are driving back in his little van singing reggae songs, you will be so glad you chose Cleve as your guide.

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