Travelling the United States Of America


The United States is one of my favorite destinations. It’s easy to travel, there isn’t a language challenge if you are an English speaker, we get to see family and friends and above all – it is SO diverse. The landscape, the climate and the people. I’ve probably been at least 10 times now and I still have so much to see.

From the Deep South of Louisiana, to the fast pace of New York or the relaxed atmosphere of the Florida Keys, the USA has all things and everything, it just might take you years to see it all.

3 Must Do’s For USA

The National Civil Rights Center in Atlanta

The Civil Rights States

Allocate some time to do the triangle that is Nashville, Atlanta and Memphis, but don’t just stick to the cities. Road trip the small towns too. Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Chattanooga and Tupelo. There is so much to see and learn while making the most of the southern hospitality. Visit Graceland, National Center for Civil & Human Rights in Atlanta, The Bluebird Cafe, The mighty Mississippi and of course the Honky Tonks of Nashville.

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe storm

Lake Tahoe

There are not many places on earth where you can water ski in the summer and snow ski in the winter all within walking distance of your home. If you live in Tahoma in Lake Tahoe, that’s exactly what you can do. It is a beautiful piece of the US and somewhere I will definitely go back to.

Old Vegas now known as downtown


Unlike what you might think, Vegas is whatever you want it to be. If you are after a family vacation – Vegas. If you are after a wild weekend – Vegas. If you want to kick back around the pool and do a new show every night – VEGAS! I love this place. I have been at least 5 or 6 times and still haven’t been in every casino. It’s affordable, you can walk everywhere, its close to the Canyon and its VEGAS BABY!

More Things To Do In The USA

I could go on and on about the US so the suggestions below are from my favourite experiences in the USA. There is heaps I’ve yet to see but these are the top 12 of what I’ve done to date.

  • Lake Tahoe – summer if you don’t ski, winter if you do.
  • Hoh River Rainforest. It is so surreal to find such a beautiful rainforest in such a cold climate.
  • The Hamptons – yes even in winter.
  • The dualing paino show at NYNY in Vegas. So much fun!
  • Coachella Music and Arts Festival (and Palm Springs too!)
  • Laguna Beach – LA’s Art Capital
  • Cypress Swamps in Louisianna
  • Hawaii for at least a week

My Fave Photo From The USA

Sedalia small town USA

This is Sedalia, in Missouri. The quintessential small town USA.

Stores are boarded up, jobs are scarce and there isn’t any major concepts on the horizon to bring this town back to its former glory. Regardless, the locals are friendly, they still start small businesses, the town is impeccably clean and you can get a great steak on a Saturday night!

To me this encompasses the US. The cities are where everyone goes, but the real USA are these small towns that have something that embeds into your soul. Real people making it work the best way they know how.

That is who Americans are!