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Tripit – My Go-To Travel Planning App

I originally got Tripit as my go to trip monitoring app because it can be used offline. I don’t know about you but I’m often arriving into new countries with my data firmly turned off and not having access to where I’m going or staying unless I screen shot everything, was just getting really old. Really fast.

Tripit is not only a storage vault for all your travel plans, it now has all sorts of extra’s that come in very handy. The flight monitoring is such a great asset, you can get directions for your connections in the bigger airports (and a lot of smaller ones), you can track your points and all sorts of extras.

Some of the best features:

I love the fact that if you have a gmail address (and hotmail too I think) a confirmation email coming into your inbox will usually ensure the reservation will be automatically added to your trip.

If it doesn’t add automatically you can just forward it on to their email and Voila! Its added in that way. Some more intricate confirmations aren’t automatically added but if I forward it to plans@tripit – VOILA! It’s in my trip!

I’m digressing I’m sure, however the feature I love the best is their travel statistics. Keep in mind I did Africa overland on a truck so I really only used Tripit when I was doing something outside the truck, so there would be a lot more miles, more countries and days traveled but as of this point since 2015 Tripit tells me I’ve done 1,155,438 miles!

This is based on my Global Adventure sans most of the African component. I’m sitting here grinning like a goose!

​Now if that doesn’t inspire you to stay in your office seat, forgo that cafe coffee and put your $4.80 toward your next trip I don’t know what will.


You can use the free version, however the paid version which is $49 USD per year offers some great options. They even have a flight refund feature that alerts you to cheaper flight costs. I haven’t ever used this as most Australian airlines just don’t care and that’s the flight you bought so suck it up princess is there go to response, but I have heard of some other overseas airlines honoring the cheaper flight.

The pro version also has a points tracking feature which I have set up but to be honest don’t really use regularly.

Their connection alerts are great for when a flight is delayed or changed however the offline capability is the absolute best thing ever. Being able to be anywhere and see confirmation numbers, reservations, and the like when you have just arrived and have no service is such a fantastic safety feature for me.

Just to be clear, despite what you may assume – this post is in no way sponsored by Tripit. I love this app and if it can make someone else’s travel experience as easy as mine – I will always promote it.

​Let me know in the comments below if you love it too or what your go to travel app is.

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