Hotel Sky Incheon And The Most Amazing Bathroom Ever

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A Massively Delayed Flight And The Most Amazing Bathroom Ever

You know that principle that everything happens for a reason?I don’t usually subscribe to that, however this particular day – Oh yeah! There was a reason!

Read on to learn about my flight delay from Fukuoka in Japan that caused me to see the most amazing bathroom in South Korea. It might be the best one to have ever existed!

I was flying from Fukuoka in Japan to Seoul in South Korea with Asiana Airlines (who I would NOT recommend) and the flight that was supposed to leave mid morning ended up leaving at around 10pm.

To be clear, the reason I would not recommend Asiana Airlines was due to their horrific handling of this flight delay. There was no mention of any drama at check in but asap I got to the gate it was marked as delayed.

They couldn’t tell us how long for, and made out it was just a short term thing. An hour later and still no word. Three hours later and some people were getting pretty antsy but still no word.

At about 6pm a group of gentleman got real upset and security was called but again, no word as to when or if the plane would leave. I tried to get my luggage back to get on another flight but was told I couldn’t because this flight hadn’t been cancelled, it was just delayed.

Finally when the airport was almost empty (and 3 other flights to Seoul had left) they announced the plane would board at around 8pm. We ended up boarding at 9:30.

By the time we got to Incheon Airport in Seoul, the trains had stopped running, there were no buses and I honestly though I was going to be stuck sleeping at the airport.

Not to mention that I had a room booked for a week and I was getting really nervous that because I didn’t show today, the whole booking would be cancelled and I would end up stuck having to pay way more for a weeks accommodation.

The number that was listed for the hostel was also not correct so I hadn’t even be able to call them.

The very helpful tourist desk at Incheon Airport

The tourist desk had actually closed by the time we arrived at Seoul airport, but the young woman was still there packing up her things.

I asked her about hotels and she told me that the airport hotel was The Grand Hyatt or something like that and had a room but it was $350 AUD.

That was more than my entire week (actually double my entire week) at the hostel I had booked so that wasn’t an option. She called a couple more that were close but they were all booked out.

Very nicely she said she had one more that she might try and when she called them, they had a driver picking up the floor below me at the airport already. She called him and organised him to come and get me and I had a bed for the night. What a gem she was. Staying late so an Aussie that couldn’t get to the city could have somewhere to sleep.

I was pretty relieved because I really didn’t want to pay $350 for a room for a few hours. It was well after midnight by this time.

Hotel Sky Incheon Seoul
Hotel Sky Incheon Seoul

We Arrive At Hotel Sky Incheon

We arrive at the hotel which seems to have quite a few rooms but is clearly privately owned and run, and there were a few other people checking in.

It got to be my turn and the gentleman on the desk was smiling and nodding and swiped my card for the equivalent of $70 AUD, handed over the key and then walked me to the lift and pressed the button for my floor.

Not a word was spoken but he was one of the nicest front desk people I’d ever met.

I get out of the lift and stumble to my room, get inside and am actually impressed with the quality of the space.

There is a massive king size bed, which ended up being one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in, and despite wanting to just strip off and get in, I got my bathroom bag out and headed into my bathroom.

I was absolutely shattered, which is weird as I’d spent the entire day sitting reading at the airport. However I knew that if I didn’t shower I wouldn’t sleep as well as I could so I wandered into the bathroom in a daze and flicked the light switch.

My bathroom which looked like this!

A frangipani bathroom at Hotel Incheon, Seoul
My amazing frangipani bathroom at Hotel Sky Incheon
An amazing floral basin in my Korean hotel

How Amazing is this bathroom?

If Asiana Airlines had never delayed my flight so badly I would never have seen this incredible display of frangipani tiles in my life. EVEN THE TOILET WAS FLORAL!

OMG some things happen for a reason and was it worth sitting in Fukuoka airport for the whole day, spending money on airport food, putting up with Asian Airlines, being absolutely shattered by this point, and spending the $90 for the room to see this? ABSOLUTELY!

If you would like to experience this amazing bathroom yourself, you can locate the Hotel Sky Incheon on Trip Advisor. I thoroughly recommend it – and after looking at other pics, I didn’t even get the best bathroom!

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