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Introduction to Swan Valley Wine Tours

Swan Valley, located just outside Perth, Western Australia, is renowned for its rich wine culture and beautiful vineyard landscapes. If you're planning a day out to explore these fantastic wineries, why not get the perfect group of friends together and do a full day private tour. 

With affordable prices and completely customizable itineraries, King Minibus Charter offers the perfect solution with their Swan Valley wine tours. Learn all about creating your custom Swan Valley Wine tour to suit your taste and time frame.

Private Swan Valley Wine Tours
Do a private Swan Valley Wine Tour

About The Swan Valley Area in Perth

The Swan Valley wine region in Western Australia, stands as one of the oldest wine-producing areas in the state. With a history dating back to the early 1830s, the region was first cultivated by Australian immigrants who recognized the fertile soil's potential for producing excellent wines. 

The region’s diverse climate encourages a variety of grapes and wine allowing for one of the widest ranges possible from any Australian wine producing area. Swan Valley is celebrated for its production of warm-climate varieties, excelling in the cultivation of Shiraz, Chenin Blanc, and (one of my personal favourites) Verdelho. 

The region's unique microclimate allows for the production of robust, flavorful Shiraz and fresh, vibrant white wines that are characteristic of the area. The fertile soil and ample sunshine also contribute to the distinctive profiles of these wines, making them highly sought after both locally and internationally.

Among the many esteemed vineyards in Swan Valley, Sandalford Wines and Houghton Wines are particularly noteworthy. Sandalford, established in 1840, is one of the oldest and most prominent, offering a vast range of wines that reflect the region's versatility. 

Houghton Wines, famous for its classic white wines, has been a significant name since 1836, boasting numerous awards that underline its quality and heritage.

I’ve done more than a few wine tours in my time (yes I love wine), and the few I’ve done that are with my own group of friends have been by far the best. 

While Australia has more than a few well known wine destinations, the Swan Valley in Perth is one of the best in my opinion. Lesser known than other areas in Victoria or Tasmania, the Swan Valley offers a multitude of different vineyards and wineries to visit along with a wide variety of wines. 

Check out over 20 Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries to visit in Swan Valley

Why Choose King Minibus Charter for Your Full Day Swan Valley Wine Tour?

King Mini Bus Charter has developed their business with a specific focus on Swan Valley Wine Tours. They are the experts in the area and in my opinion should be your first stop for a private wine tour. 

Offering a wide range of modern mini buses and minivans you can select the transport option to suit your group size and with prices starting at only $575 for a 13 seater mini bus, they are also extremely affordable. 

Their full day wine tours are 6 hours in duration and trust me, that is more than enough. Most of the wineries don’t open until 10 or 11 am so they schedule their pickups to get you to the winery for opening time. 

Your private wine tour of the Swan Valley can start from as little as $23 per person.

  • 13 seater – $575 or as little as $44 / pax
  • 20 seater – $775 or as little as $39 / pax
  • 45 seater – $995 or as little as $23 / pax

Please be aware that all these prices are for 6 hours from the first pickup to the last drop off. These prices are for the bus and driver only. You are responsible for booking any lunch or tastings (if they need to be booked) yourself. Offering you the chance to choose which vineyards you would like to visit, you can personalise your small group tour as best suited to your tastes. There are many wineries to choose from and your driver is more than happy to drop you to the cellar door and wait until your planned departure time.

If you aren’t sure, please get in touch and King Mini Bus Charters will be happy to assist with some sample itineraries. Alternatively use their Get A Quote option and list what you would like to do. If you have planned a little too many stops to make the day nice and relaxed they will let you know. 

It is worth mentioning that in my experience, the more people you have the longer they take to wrangle into the bus. There are always some stragglers so I would suggest not trying to squeeze in too many wineries in one day. 

Likewise, pickups can be done from multiple locations however of course check with Kings as to extra costs if these locations are widespread. Their website offers some great options with regard to choices and prices so be sure to check out the Swan Valley Wine Tours page for more info.

Safety is clearly a top priority, and their professional drivers ensure that your journey through Swan Valley is safe and secure.

The drivers are not just chauffeurs; they are also local experts who know Swan Valley inside out. They can guide you to the best wineries, from hidden gems you might not have heard of, to the most popular estates. They can also share some great insights about the region's winemaking history and culture.

A fantastic idea that one of my wine loving girlfriends came up with is to book a winery trip every second month. She lives in Perth and has a dozen girlfriends that are all wine lovers so the first Saturday of every second month is their catch up day. They all spend under $100 each including the bus, and do 3 or 4 different wineries each time. They connect, sample some great drops, stock up on wine for the next month and eat some amazing food. I’m going with them next time I’m back in Perth and I’m pretty excited to be honest. 

Sandalford Wines - one of Perth's premiere Swan Valley Vineyards
Sandalford Wines – one of Perth's premiere Swan Valley Vineyards

Half Day Swan Valley Wine Tours

As the opening times of the wineries are limited, half day tours won’t allow you to get a full experience. With this in mind, King Mini Bes Charters does offer a great pickup and drop off service if 6 hours is just too long for you.

These trips are designed to deliver you to your winery of choice and enable you to have a luxurious long lunch and tasting knowing that the bus will return to pick you up and drop you to your home. 

Special prices for this service are as below and make this a fantastic option for maybe  Mothers day, a birthday, a girls lunch or anything in between.

  • 13 seater $ 399 return (from $31 per head)
  • 20 seater $ 599 return (from $30 per head)
  • 22 up to 45 passengers $ 750 return (from $17 per head)

That is way more affordable than taxis or ride shares. 

Brad, myself and cousin Cass on a Winery Tour
Brad, myself and cousin Cass on a Winery Tour

Hourly Rates for Swan Valley Bus Hire

King Mini Bus Hire also offer hourly rates with a minimum time of 4 hours. If you would like to opt for an hourly rate, that is also an option. You might like to head out to the Swan Valley at 1pm and make an afternoon of it rather than a full day. This is entirely possible and prices are listed below. Check the wine tours bus hire prices page for the most up to date info on the tours, wineries and of course to get a quote. 

  • $ 90 per hr for a 13 seater mini bus. Minimum 4 hrs booking required 
  • $ 110 per hour for a 20 passenger bus. Minimum 4 hrs required 
  • $ 160 per hr for 22 up to 45 seater buses and minimum 4 hrs required 

Why Visit The Swan Valley?

Swan Valley is home to over 40 world-class wineries. You can explore iconic wineries like Ugly Duckling and Riverbank Estate, where you can enjoy guided tastings of award-winning wines.

The area is also now home to some great Gin Distilleries like Swan Valley Gin Co and my fave Sin Gin Distillery. The name says it all!

If wine is not your thing, consider making your day in the Swan Valley a Brewery Tour. Duckstein Brewery, Bailey Brewing Co or Funk Cider are just a few of the beer and cider options available. 

Windy Creek Estate - Swan Valley Perth
Windy Creek Estate – Swan Valley Perth

Taste some amazing Gourmet Food

It's not just about wine. Swan Valley offers a range of gourmet experiences. Many wineries host fantastic restaurants that serve farm-to-table dishes, perfectly paired with their wines. You can also opt for more casual dining if you want to mix things up.

NB: Please remember to book your lunch and be sure your driver knows where you are going to eat. They will need to plan out your day to be sure to get there in time for your booking. You are responsible for booking any meals so be sure to get that done in advance so as to not miss your preferred meal stop.

More casual options are available at places like Bailey Brewing Co. While they do have some great vegetarian options, their menu offers some traditional Aussie faves like grilled Barra and even a kids parmy! 

For something a little more upmarket one of my faves is Sittella. They often have a great set menu on the weekends that is usually around $65-70. There is a choice of 3 or 4 entrees, 3 or 4 mains and 2 deserts on offer. The Caramelised Pork Belly can’t be missed! You can also order A-La-Carte with a variety of meat and seafood options which often includes Kangaroo.

No matter which Vineyard you choose for your lunch you won’t be disappointed. All the wineries that offer lunch are very focused on serving quality meals often with locally sourced ingredients.

If you don’t feel like a big meal, many of the wineries serve cheese plates with their tastings at an affordable cost.

Eat some amazing food at the Swan Valley wineries you visit on your private tour.
Eat some amazing food at the Swan Valley wineries you visit on your private tour.

When Is the Best Time to Do A Wine Tour in the Swan Valley of Perth?

The best times to visit Swan Valley are during the cooler months of spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May). These seasons offer mild weather that enhances the experience of outdoor wine tasting and vineyard tours. 

The wildflowers in the area are in full bloom in spring, so you may get lucky and see Western Australia's native flowers on display. 

The vines in autumn turn into a spectacular display of colors which is probably the closest thing to the fall colours we have in Australia. It is just the vines but the gold and rust colors of the leaves at the right time of the year are very pretty.  Additionally, many wineries in the region hold festivals and events during these times, providing visitors with a deeper insight into the local wine culture and community.

Summer is typically very hot in Perth, but this shouldn’t dissuade you from doing a wine tour at this time of year. The buses are all air conditioned as are the inside tasting rooms so even if you get a very warm day, your exposure to the heat is very limited. 

I’ve done a Swan Valley tour in February when it was 38 degrees and to be honest we barely noticed it. 

Baileys Brewing Co in Swan Valley
Baileys Brewing Co in Swan Valley

How to Book Your Swan Valley Wine Tour

Booking a wine tour with King Minibus Charter is straightforward. Visit the King Swan Valley Winery Tour page on their website, choose the tour package that best fits your needs, and fill out a simple booking form. They will get back to you with a firm price and options should you wish to vary pickup locations for example. 

However you decide to do your Swan Valley Vineyard tour I'm sure you will have a wonderful time. Whether its a family event, a birthday celebration, a girls day our or a work party – King Mini Bus Charters can get you there and back safely.

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