Travelling In New Zealand

Hiking with no snakes! I love New Zealand!

As an Australian, New Zealand is considered to be our southern most state but for goodness sake don’t tell any New Zealanders I said that! While we do refer to New Zealand as being just “over the pond” it is an incredible country with supremely stunning landscapes, genuine people & a real creator mindset. New Zealand has been responsible for some top notch inventions like bungee jumping, nuclear physics (Ernest Rutherford) and even instant coffee!

As far as an adventure destination is concerned, New Zealand is for Australia what Costa Rica is for Americans. It’s a civil liability free country (for most events) so operators don’t have to cover wildly expensive insurance costs. New Zealand also has a very high level of checks and balances for operators so you don’t have to be concerned that the “no liability” status means shoddy businesses. That is not the case and you can head to NZ for some great adventures and experiences.

3 Must Do’s For New Zealand

Queenstown New Zealands adventure capital


Queenstown is New Zealand’s adventure capital. Jet boating, bungee, skydiving and skiing in the winter are must do’s in Queenstown. Despite its reputation as a winter destination, Queenstown is also great for summer holidays.

The sky tower in Auckland

Auckland and Waiheke

Where else in the world can you walk across a country in a day? Auckland! A lot of New Zealand’s dismiss Auckland but I’ve always loved it. The islands in the bay are great fun, there are quality restaurants, hikes and much more in the region. 

Isthmus Peak trail New Zealand

Go Hiking (Tramping)

New Zealand has some of the best hikes in the world. Tramping as it’s called in New Zealand is a national pastime and you can usually find a hike for a few hours or a few days within a short distance of almost anywhere in New Zealand. Click the image for the 14 best day hikes in NZ

More Things To Do In New Zealand

  • Visit any of the wineries in New Zealand, but the ones on Waiheke in particular can be really fun as you walk from one to another.
  • Visit Hobbiton. Not something I love but everyone else does
  • Drive the Coromandal Peninsular a stunning slice of New Zealand and visit hot water beach.
  • Hike Tongariro Alpine Crossing one of the worlds most amazing day hikes.
  • Hike on Franz Josef glacier via a helitour
  • Hike the Queen Charlotte Track
  • Get out into the bush and spend a night stargazing
  • Celebrate the New Year. New Zealand is the first country to ring in the new year. Be there!
  • Visit Milford Sound
  • View the southern aurora
  • See the glow worms at Waitomo Caves
  • Kayak the Bay Of Isles
  • Lay in the bubbling mud pools of Rotatura

My Fave Photo From New Zealand

View out over Onetagi Beach Waiheke

Despite a 2 hour ferry delay departing Auckland (fog!), the weather the day we spent on Waiheke turned out to be wonderful. It was in June which can be very cold in New Zealand, however Auckland is in the north and often has these one off spectacular days in the middle of winter. This was a whole weekend of great weather and Brad and I walked our butts off in Waiheke. Well not me because I could walk around Australia and maintain the butt I have, but we did some km’s that day.

I took this with my phone, there was no real planning but I just loved the smooth ocean, the mist rolling in and those bright red flowers in the foreground. It’s nothing photo wise but it reflects a wonderful day on Waiheke that we still talk about today.

Tip for New Zealand

Nothing moves fast in New Zealand especially on the roads. In Australia we equate 100km with an hours drive (on the highways of course) but in New Zealand it doesn’t work that way. Add at least 20-30% of the time you estimate to get from A to B in NZ.