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Travelling In Namibia

Dunes, Dust and Dead Trees

Despite being bordered by both South Africa and Botswana, 2 of Africa's most heavily visited countries, Namibia has only one million visitors per year. I was stunned by how low this number was. Yes it is known for its deserts, but Namibia is home to some amazing national parks. some great coastline, more than a few very diverse tribes and of course the Kalahari.

From Deadvlei to Fish River Canyon, Namibia is well worth a visit for anyone doing the southern African countries.

My Fave Photo From Namibia

A young girl from the Himba tribe

We had been travelling overland across Namibia and at one stop I was shopping for groceries and saw this gorgeous young woman dressed in her finery with her hair encased in clay and the most amazing metal bracelets and jewellery. I'm kind of afraid that I was staring. She was so beautiful and so unique and I was hopelessly entranced by her.

A few days later our guide starts telling us about the village visit we will do the next day and from his discription I knew it was the same tribal area that this young woman was from.

When we got there the women were so gracious, showing us around and chatting through the translater. The kids were friendly and up for a play and a laugh and we spent an amazing few hours just in their village, learning about their culture and sitting with these beautifuly welcoming people. This young lady had a little stall selling hair trinkets and despite us passing her a few times, was just waiting patiently for the tour to end so we could come back and shop with her. She was so patient and her hair bands and clay toys were so well made that I myself purchased a few things that I didn't need. A clay giraffe still takes pride of place on a shelf in our living room today. I often look at it and smile thinking of this gorgeous girl from the Himba tribe in Namibia.

Show some patience and it may work out.

All About Namibia

Must Have Info About Namibia

  • Namibian money and South African rand are virtually interchangeable. If you get into Namibia and still have Rand you can spend it easily in Namibia
  • While it isn't a huge country it does take time to get anywhere in Namibia.
  • I would consider Namiba to be a safe country for solo female travelers.
  • Swakopmund is a great place to base yourself for a few days to do some adventure activities in Namibia. Sand boarding, kite surfing, a visit to Walvis bay or even just wandering the town drinking coffee.
  • YES – it can be very hot!

Facts and Figures: Namibia

  • Namibia has some of the highest sand dunes in the world.
  • Namibia has the largest population of cheetahs in the world.
  • It was the first country in the world to add environmental protection into its constitution.
  • Before it was called Namibia (in 1990) it was called South West Africa
  • A meteorite weighing over 119,000 pounds came down in Namibia
  • Namibia's entire coastline is protected. The Dorob national park runs the entire length of the coast.
  • Namibia is the second most sparsely populated country in the world after Mongolia

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It is easy to think of Namibia as desert and nothing more, however Etosha National Park is on the border of Namibia and Botswana and one of the best places to go on night safari. 

Deadvlei - A frozen forest in the heart of the Namibian desert

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Everything you need to know about visiting Sossusvlei sand dunes and Deadvlei park in Namibia

Watching the sunrise from Dune 45 Namibia

Climbing The Dunes at Sossusvlei Namibia

Namibian sand dunes are famous. Possibly the most famous sand in the world. You don't actually appreciate their size and grandeur until you are half way up one! Learn all about the sand dunes at Sossusvlei in Namibia here.

A big Rhino wading into the waterhole at Moringa, Etosha National Park

Watching The Waterhole – Moringa Waterhole Etosha National Park

Viewing the elephants, hyenas, rhinos and zebras at night at the Moringa waterhole in Etosha National Park.

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3 Must Do's For Namibia

Dead Vlei shaddows Namibia

Deadvlei Sossusvlei

Deadvlei's forest of petrified Camel Thorn Trees set against the white salt pan and the rust red sand dunes are something to see. Combining Dune 45 Sunrise and Deadvlei in the same day is the easiest way to do it. 

Namibian Quiver Tree

The Quiver Trees

The Quiver tree forest is on a private farm outside Keetmanshoop in the South Central part of Namibia. It holds about 250 specimens of quiver tree which is actually a type of Aloe.  The forest contains trees that are up to 3 centuries old. 

Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon

Considered second in size only to the Grand Canyon in the US, Fish River Canyon is a very impressive formation in Namibia. See that little table top mountain in the middle of the bend? I always imagined a world cup soccer game being played there. 

More Things To Do In Namibia

  • Etosha National Park & a night waterhole if you can
  • Walvis Bay (for Flamingos in the right season)
  • Tropic of Capricorn sign (if you are driving past)
  • Visit the Himba tribe
  • Spitzkoppe – a great day trip for hiking and rock scrambling
  • Visit the salt flats of Etosha
  • Grab a coffee at Canyon Roadhouse
  • Visit the Cheetah Farm
  • The skeleton coast

!! Tip for Namibia

4wd hire is available from both Windhoek and Swakopmund so you could easily drive around Namibia yourself. Be sure you do know a little about off roading first so you aren't limited to the main roads and get off the beaten track into the best parts of Namibia.