Is The Maldives Worth The Cost?

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Is the Maldives really worth it expense wise?

Imagine a place where the waters are crystal clear, the sands are as white as snow, and the sunsets are like a painter’s masterpiece. Welcome, to the Maldives. 

This tropical paradise has been on my bucket list for a long time, and I finally got the chance to visit it recently. I am here to answer a very important question that plagues many travellers:

Is the Maldives worth the cost?

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About the Maldives

The Maldives are a chain of coral islands & atolls in the Indian Ocean southwest of both India and Sri Lanka. 

There are around 1200 small islands or atolls in the Maldives of which about 200 are inhabited. The Islands are grouped in atolls and islands vary in size across the entire chain. The islands run in a roughly north to south direction for over 820km. At the widest point the islands run about 125km east to west.

Most islands in the Maldives are on average one to two square kilometres in area, however no one island is longer than eight kilometres in length. 165 islands have been established with tourist resorts which leaves only 35 of the 200ish islands with only local population. 

The Maldives has an established history stretching back over 2,500 years. In the late 16th century the Maldives came under English rule and became a protectorate in 1887. Independence was gained in 1965 and today the Maldives has a population of just over half a million people. 

What are the Maldives Known For?

Known globally for their white sandy beaches, great surf, stunning snorkelling and diving and of course a multitude of overwater bungalows. However, it’s important to note that the experience comes at a price

While you might have amassed the miles, points, and dollars for such an indulgence, the cost is something to consider. Fresh food, spa treatments, and the sheer exclusivity of an island paradise do add up. Yet, for those who value these experiences, the Maldives might just be the epitome of holiday perfection, offering a retreat that’s hard to put a price on.

While it is definitely not a budget holiday spot, is the cost of staying in the Maldives for a week really worth it?

Other bungalows at the other end of the resort
The Overwater Bungalows at Cinnamon Dhonvelli Resort The Maldives

How much does it cost for a week in the Maldives?

Honestly that is like asking how long a piece of string is. There are so many options, such a wide variety of resorts and of course options like All inclusive add ons and the Maldives speedboat transfer cost, or plane transfers to consider. 

Resorts in the Maldives are usually on their own island. There are very few that share space, so when you book your resort you need to be happy with it as there is nowhere else to go for that week. 

If the food isn’t great, you can’t get away from it. If the drinks are expensive there is nothing you can do about it so it is vitally important that you consider not just the cost of your accommodation but also the price of food and beverage at the resort. 

Lets dive deeper into the costs, pros and cons of spending a week and answering the question: is Maldives worth it?

Is Maldives Worth Visiting? Highlighting The Unique Features of the Maldivian Archipelago

The Maldives isn’t just about sandy beaches and clear waters. It’s also about the unique attractions it offers.

For adventure enthusiasts, there’s underwater diving to explore the vibrant marine life and shipwrecks. For the romantics, there are private candlelit dinners on the beach and couple spa sessions. For the culturally inclined, there’s the 17th-century Hukuru Miskiy mosque and the Maldives National Museum.

Yet, is the allure of these attractions enough to justify the expense?

The Maldives Stunning Natural Beauty

The Maldives is synonymous with stunning natural beauty, a fact that becomes evident the moment you set eyes on its azure waters and pristine sand beaches. Each island is a slice of paradise, where the warm, clear turquoise waters invite you to dive in, while the soft, powdery beaches beckon for leisurely walks at sunrise or sunset, creating a picturesque setting that feels almost surreal.

But it’s not just the beaches that captivate; the vibrant marine life that thrives beneath the surface is equally mesmerizing. The Maldives offers a window into an underwater world teeming with colourful fish, corals, and other sea creatures. The clarity of the water ensures that even a simple snorkel excursion feels like an exploration of a vast, living aquarium. The ocean life is one of the Maldives’ most compelling draws, making it a must-visit for nature lovers.

A turtle in the lagoon of the resort
A turtle in the lagoon of the resort

Ultimate Luxury Experience

If you’ve go the money to spent, the Maldives can be an immersion into the ultimate luxury experience. Each resort in the Maldives is crafted to provide a sense of exclusivity and opulence, even the more affordable ones. From private overwater villas that float above the lagoon to spa treatments that rejuvenate body and soul, the level of pampering is unparalleled. 

Moreover, the direct access to the beach from many of the accommodations allows for a seamless transition from your private haven to the natural beauty outside. Whether it’s a morning swim in the tranquil waters or a leisurely stroll along the shoreline, the beach or the ocean is always just a few steps away. 

Maldives Solitude and Privacy

The solitude and privacy offered by the Maldives are unmatched. Each island feels like a secluded sanctuary, where the only footprints on the sand might be your own. The resorts are masterfully designed to give each guest their own slice of paradise, with plenty of space to breathe and be at peace.

During my stay, I relished in the quiet moments spent on my private deck, where the only sounds were the gentle lapping of waves and the odd splash of a turtle. I read 7 books during our week in the Maldives and while I do read quickly, that is pretty impressive!

This privacy extends to the experiences offered. Dining under the stars can be a private affair, just as a day spent sunbathing can be enjoyed without interruption. For those who value the opportunity to disconnect and immerse themselves in quiet reflection, the Maldives delivers. It’s a place where you can truly be alone with your thoughts, accompanied only by the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Diverse Marine Life – Your Personal Aquarium

Visiting the Maldives is like gaining access to an expansive, personal aquarium. The waters around many Island Resorts teem with a diverse array of marine life that rivals that of any South Pacific islands. With snorkelling gear in hand, we ventured into the warm lagoon and was immediately surrounded by schools of brightly coloured fish, intricate coral formations, turtles, a sea snake and even the occasional, graceful sting ray.

The proximity of such biodiversity to the resorts is a testament to the Maldives’ commitment to preserving its natural treasures. The island nation takes pride in its marine heritage, offering guests the chance to explore and appreciate the underwater world without having to venture far.

Whether it’s snorkelling, diving, or simply observing from the water’s edge, the Maldives ensures a close encounter with the ocean’s wonders, making it well worth the cost for marine enthusiasts.

Brad snorkelling in the resort lagoon
Brad snorkelling in the resort lagoon

Is the Maldives Worth the Cost?

So, is the Maldives worth the cost? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no.

For some, the exceptional service, breathtaking scenery, and unique experiences make it worth every penny. For others, the high costs can seem unjustified.

However, it’s important to remember that the Maldives isn’t a typical tourist destination. It’s a luxury resort destination. The high costs are associated with the exclusivity, privacy, and high-end services it offers.

The Necessity for a Hefty Budget

It’s no secret that a trip to the Maldives requires a hefty budget. From the moment you land at Male Airport, you’re entering a world where luxury and exclusivity come at a premium. The cost of accommodation, dining, and activities can quickly add up, making it essential to plan your finances accordingly.

While the experience is undoubtedly lavish, it’s important for travellers to be aware of the financial commitment involved in such an opulent escape.

You could stay on the main island of Male however it isn’t a pretty city and you would need to do multiple day long trips to get to the decent snorkeling areas. As most of the resorts are on their own island, the snorkelling is usually within the island surrounds so its not possible to come and jump in the water there unless you are a guest.

Our overwater bungalow the Maldives
Our overwater bungalow the Maldives

Reasons why the Maldives is worth visiting

Despite the high costs, I firmly believe there are ample reasons why the Maldives is worth visiting.

Firstly, the Maldives offers unparalleled privacy. Each resort is located on a separate island, and this means you can have an entire beach to yourself! 

Secondly, it’s a great place to disconnect. While most of the resorts have Wi-Fi for free, you can still disconnect from the world and connect with nature.

Thirdly the Maldives almost forces you to relax. While you can partake in fishing trips, snorkelling and diving adventures, sun baking and of course surfing, a good chunk of your day will be spent relaxing, 

Lastly, the Maldives is a unique destination. Where else would you find underwater restaurants or sleep under the sea in an underwater bedroom?

Is Maldives Worth Visiting? Weighing the Pros and Cons

But like every coin, visiting the Maldives has its pros and cons.

On the pros side, the Maldives offers unmatched luxury, privacy, and unique experiences. The service is exceptional, and the food is world-class.

On the cons side, the Maldives can be expensive. Everything from meals to activities can cost more than they would elsewhere. Additionally, the Maldives is quite remote, which means getting there can be time-consuming and expensive.

Some factors to consider before booking a Maldives holiday

Limited Activities Beyond Aqua Adventures

While the Maldives is a haven for water-based activities, those looking for a variety of land-based adventures might find the options limited. After a few days of snorkelling, diving, and basking in the sun, some might crave more diverse experiences. Resorts do offer a range of activities, but the focus is heavily on the aquatic environment, which is something to consider when planning your itinerary.

For me, the opportunity to dive into the culture and engage with local communities was an aspect I longed for. While there are excursions available, the isolation of the resorts can make it challenging to experience the everyday life and Maldivian culture beyond the resort’s boundaries. Travellers seeking a rich cultural immersion may need to look beyond the typical offerings and seek out more authentic interactions.

We were there in the off season so it was very windy which meant that no snorkelling trips, no fishing trips and no local tours were available. I think we would have been fine but the resorts have to consider guests who aren’t necessarily the most sea worth participants. We understood that and while the snorkelling in our lagoon was much better than either of us expected, we were disappointed that we didn’t get to experience some local culture. 

Surfer at Cinnamon Dhonvelli Maldives
Surfer riding the waves directly off the beach at Cinnamon Dhonvelli Maldives

Environmental Concerns

Environmental concerns are an important consideration when visiting the Maldives. The fragile ecosystem of the island nation is under threat from climate change and human impact. As a conscious traveller, I found it crucial to choose resorts that are committed to sustainability and to engage in activities that do not harm the local environment. Supporting eco-friendly practices is a responsibility we all share, and it’s an aspect that can’t be overlooked when holidaying in such a delicate paradise.

Remote and Challenging Accessibility

The remote nature of the Maldives also means that accessibility can be challenging. Transferring from Male Airport to your chosen resort often involves a seaplane or speedboat ride, which adds to the adventure but also to the travel time. While the journey is undoubtedly scenic, it’s worth noting the extra effort required to reach these secluded islands, especially if you’re travelling from afar.

I imagine it could be quite challenging to be in a wheelchair or have limited mobility. I couldn’t see that the transfer boats catered to any real disabilities and even on the island its sand for a good part of the resort and I can’t imagine that would be easy to wheel myself through.

The dock at Cinnamon Dhonvelli The Maldives
The dock at Cinnamon Dhonvelli The Maldives

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Accommodation Choices in The Maldives

Choosing where to stay in the Maldives is a delightful dilemma. Between overwater villas that offer direct access to the ocean and beach hotels that allow you to relax and unwind amid tropical gardens, there’s an option to suit every preference.

The decision ultimately hinges on what kind of experience you’re seeking—whether it’s waking up to the sound of waves or stepping out onto soft sand each morning, not to mention how deep your pockets are.

Overwater Villas Versus Beach Bungalows

Overwater villas are the epitome of luxury in the Maldives, providing an intimate connection with the ocean. Waking up to the panoramic sea view and watching marine life through the glass floor panels are experiences unique to these accommodations. However, they often come with a higher price tag and less beach access, which is something to consider.

Our overwater bungalow was amazing however we were on the side that faced directly out to the ocean. This offered us great views, however the current was so strong that you couldn’t really snorkel off the deck.

We did on one occasion drift snorkel through to the lagoon, however it was tough! Brad and I are both very experienced snorkellers and I swim all the time and honestly it was hard. We had to swim against the current for probably about 100 metres and I have my frozen shoulder which meant I only had my legs to propel me. I made it but it was super hard and I was really puffing when we got around the rock groin into the bay. 

To be clear there are signs everywhere saying not to swim off the bungalows but honestly – why would you book one if you didn’t intend to walk down the ladder into the ocean at least once? 

This is something you should check for sure! Make sure your bungalow isn’t facing the open ocean, check that the currents are OK or that they are OK at least while you will be staying there. Otherwise you have the privacy an overwater bungalow offers, but still have to carry all your gear and walk around to a safe snorkelling bay. It is much more of a consideration than you initially think about.  

Beach bungalows, on the other hand, offer a different charm. They are nestled among lush vegetation, providing a sense of seclusion and a direct connection to the island itself. While they lack the over-the-water allure, they compensate with greater space and often easier access to the beach, making them ideal for those who want to walk out onto the sand and a more grounded experience.

The beach side bungalows at our resort
The beach side bungalows at our resort

The beach bungalows aren’t always the most private option. They are often nestled around the swimming area so while you have your own sunbed and access to your room constantly, there are others around. 

I personally hate tan lines from my swimmer straps so the overwater bungalow with the complete privacy was a great choice for us. We just walked around to the bay in the afternoons for a swim or snorkel. 

Affordable Overwater Bungalows With All-Inclusive Meal Deals

These resorts have overwater bungalows (or Villas) that are all inclusive and somewhat reasonable. I’ve checked them all on the same dates outside of school holidays. These rates are all with free cancellation until only days before the arrival date.

Of course also consider Cinnamon Dhonvelli where we stayed. We loved it and it is only about 20mins transfer which will be important to some people.

Be aware that some of these prices seem heavily discounted. That could be because the resorts are quiet and offering deals or it could be their usual prices but showing as cheaper than others in the app.

Villa Park Sun Island Resort

Large nicely fitted out rooms. All-Inclusive From $4800 USD a week for 2 guests.

Check Current Prices

Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives

Great value from only $3695 USD a week for 2 people. All-Inclusive with free cancellation!

Check Current Prices

Dhigufaru Island Resort

$3920 USD
(aprox) per week for a couple. All-Inclusive with 20% spa discount

Check Current Prices

Tips for Discount Accommodation Rates!

Create an account with a few accommodation providers (like or Agoda ) and ALWAYS login when you book your stays. I am level 3 Genius status with them and I often get really significant Genius discounts on hotels and other accommodation.

Another thing especially with is that they have some really good mobile only rates so just because you checked while reading this post on your phone doesn’t mean you will see the same prices when you are next on your laptop. If you clicked through on your mobile go back to that page to see what mobile only options they have available.

The Allure of All-Inclusive Resorts

I was drawn to the all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives for their sheer convenience. Knowing that my meals, drinks, and select activities were covered in my stay allowed me to truly unwind without fretting over additional costs.

Pros of All-Inclusive Resorts

Choosing an all-inclusive resort in the Maldives means convenience is at your fingertips. The upfront cost includes meals, drinks, and sometimes even activities, allowing for a worry-free holiday where I can indulge without reaching for my wallet at every turn. Plus, with many resorts catering to a variety of tastes, I found the quality of food and beverage offerings to be exceptional, elevating the overall experience of my stay.

Cons of All-Inclusive Resorts

While the all-inclusive model offers ease, it can also come at a premium. I noticed that rates at these resorts are often higher to cover the extensive services provided. This can make budgeting tricky for travellers who are cost-conscious. Personally I just made a mental note that this is a once in a lifetime occasion and to make the most of it.

We got a package that included drinks and I was really pleased to see that they were served readily and as often as you liked. 

There was a few cocktails available like Mojitos, Tequila Sunrises and Pina Coladas. There was the usual array of beer, wine and spirits, however sparkling wine wasn’t available at all. 

Dusk at the overwater bungalows
Dusk at the overwater bungalows Cinnamon Dhonvelli

Comparing the Maldives with Other Tropical Destinations

When I compare the Maldives to other tropical destinations, it stands out for its unique overwater accommodations and unparalleled privacy. The comparisons below are based around either like for like overwater bungalow resorts OR luxury private stays that compare in quality. 

Maldives Versus Thailand

Thailand’s bustling beaches and vibrant street life present a stark contrast to the Maldives’ secluded beach calm. While Thailand offers a cultural tapestry and a more varied landscape, the Maldives specialises in luxurious solitude. I found the spa treatments in the Maldives to be more exclusive, often enjoying them with a view of turquoise waters, which greatly enhanced my romantic getaway.

As for safety, both destinations felt secure, yet the Maldives is often listed among the safest places to travel. The luxury villas in Thailand are exquisite, but the accommodation in the Maldives is in a league of its own, with private overwater villas that offer direct access to the ocean, creating a sense of exclusivity that’s hard to match.

Thailand mostly wins for the convenience of other options for eating and drinking. Most private villas in Thailand are ain locations where you can either walk or take a short taxi to restaurants and beaches. The Maldives doesn’t give you that option. You are limited to the resort you are on for the most part and while they are pretty special you won’t get that option of cheaper local food.

Luxury Villa’s like Vana Belle in Koh Samui offer meal deals with fantastic rooms that overlook the ocean but you won’t find any water villas here. It is also around $6600 US for a week in their cheapest room.

Vana Belle Koh Samui

Maldives vs Fiji: A Comparative Analysis

When considering tropical destinations, Fiji often comes up as an alternative to the Maldives.

Both Fiji and the Maldives offer beautiful beaches and clear waters. However, the Maldives’ resorts tend to have more options with regard to facilities and price. In contrast, Fiji offers more diversity in terms of activities, with more land-based adventures like hiking.

The overwater bungalows in Fiji can be on islands that are owned by the resort however they are usually bigger islands and there is often more than one resort on the island. This does give you options with regard to eating in particular. You will rarely find this in the Maldives.

The one thing that is worth noting is that true overwater bungalows in Fiji can be much more expensive than the Maldives. The remote islands of Fiji have a good amount of hotels but the true overwater bungalows are only available on a few resorts. They can start at over $1000 AUD per person per night which compared to the prices on some of the more cost effective Maldives resorts is way more expensive. 

Fiji is way cheaper to get to from Australia but $10-14 thousand dollars for a week is a LOT of money. 

Try LikuLiku Lagoon Resort, the Fiji Marriot Resort or Koro Sun Resort & Rainforest Spa for overwater bungalows in Fiji.

Koro Sun Resort Fiji

Why aren’t I comparing the Maldives to Bora Bora?

I haven’t actually been to Bora Bora so I have no first hand experience at this stage. We are booked for February on the way to Palm Springs so I will update this after we have visited.

Maldives vs Bali: A Comparative Analysis

Bali is another popular tropical destination. Compared to the Maldives, Bali is certainly cheaper.

However, the experiences that each offer are different. Bali has a rich culture and vibrant nightlife, which is difficult to experience from your Maldives resort. However, if absolute relaxation, privacy, and disconnecting from the world is what you seek, then the Maldives is unmatched.

Bali has the benefit of offering a miriad of choices when it comes to private pool villas. These are amazing (I love a good private pool!) and are also usually in area’s that you can walk right out your door and find a dinner spot. Of course this comes with traffic, hawkers and drunken Australians (I’m being real here!)

Getting a bungalow with a private pool will set you back way more in the Maldives than it will in Bali, but the view and the service is second to none. 

If you are visiting Bali and looking for a great private pool villa in an excellent location, try Parigata Villas Resort in Sanur. It is a short walk from a great waterfront restaurant strip but the villa offers you the privacy you are after. This is a villa resort so they have rooms as well as multiple private pool villas. It can be hard to get into as its only a small resort and in a great location. We booked in the wake of COVID and got a great deal but even at full price its still affordable.

Our private pool villa at Parigata Villas Resort Sanur

Alternatively if you are looking for something much quieter check out Desa Swan Karamas. Keramas is a black sand beach north of the main Sanur/Denpasar area almost half way to Candi Dasa. It is quiet, there are maybe 3 restaurants along the beach (the resorts included) and you will have an unusually quiet stay in Bali. We stayed here on the way through to Raja Ampat last year and loved it. It is also a small villa resort.

Desa Swan private villa Keramas Bali

Maldives Bungalow Cost: Luxury at a Price

Staying in a water bungalow in the Maldives is a dream for many. But this dream comes at a price.

Maldives bungalow costs can range from $300 to $3000 per night, depending on the resort. This cost usually includes accommodation, food, and some activities. While this may seem expensive, it’s worth remembering that these are not just rooms, but experiences.

Maldives Review: First-Hand Experience at Cinnamon Dhonvelli

During our trip to the Maldives, we stayed at the Cinnamon Dhonveli on North Male Atoll.

Our stay was nothing short of exceptional. The service was impeccable, the food was delicious, and the views from our bungalow were breath-taking. Despite the cost, the experience was worth every penny.

I’m the researcher from hell, especially when I’m forking out a chunk of money so our choice of the Dhonvelli was based on what it offered and price. 

I booked right after COVID so we got a fantastic deal that was non cancellable. I would never usually book anything I couldn’t cancel but it was around $4200 AUD for a week in an overwater bungalow with an all inclusive package. I have looked since and that would set us back over 10K now. 

The other thing worth noting is that I knew we would be out of the best season. We did two weeks in Sri Lanka on the way for Brad to go Kiteboarding so we knew it was windy season. This never really worried us and as we are strong swimmers and love to snorkel we knew even if it rained we wouldn’t stay out of the water. 

The weather was wonderful while we were in the Maldives but it was windy which could have ruined it if you weren’t expecting it. The photo below shows you just how windy it was some days. Check out the spray coming off the waves in front of our bungalow!

Spray coming off the waves off our bungalow at Cinnamon Dhonvelli Maldives
Spray coming off the waves in front of our bungalow at Cinnamon Dhonvelli Maldives

One Week in Maldives Cost

A week-long trip to the Maldives can vary greatly in cost depending on various factors such as the time of travel, choice of resort, type of accommodation, and activities chosen. Here’s a rough breakdown of things to consider outside of just your accommodation expenses.

Flights To The Maldives

Flights to the Maldives can range from $1,300 to $2,500 AUD from Australia, depending on the time of year and how far in advance you book. You will have to go via Singapore, the UAE or Sri Lanka for the best connection times.

Accommodation in The Maldives

You can expect to pay anywhere from $300 per night for a budget resort to $2,000 or more per night for a luxury resort or over-water villa. If you don’t necessarily want to splash out that much money, check the beach villas (which are often cheaper) or book a hotel style room. That may mean you get into the dreaded “6am secure my beach sunbed” routine, but hey think of the $$ you will be saving.

(function () { var BookingAffiliateWidget = new Booking.AffiliateWidget({ "iframeSettings": { "selector": "bookingAffiliateWidget_32a296bd-9915-40c7-83e8-2c0993af3e22", "responsive": true }, "widgetSettings": { "ss": "North Male Atoll, Maldives", "latitude": 4.394016, "longitude": 73.60887, "zoom": 9 } }); })();

Meals in your resort

Dining in the Maldives can be expensive, with meals at resort restaurants typically costing around $30 to $100 per person. Some resorts offer all-inclusive meal packages which can help manage costs. I would highly recommend going for the all inclusive package up front. It is very reassuring to know that you aren’t going to get a massive bill when you check out.

Activities in the Maldives

Water sports and excursions in the Maldives can range from $150 USD for a snorkeling trip to several thousand dollars for diving courses or boat cruises. A day’s snorkelling trip from the island we were on was $175 USD per person. That was around $280 AUD which just was too much money to us. 

The Spa was also very expensive, but you do expect that. It was $90USD for a basic massage which isn’t out of the realm of possibility, however when there are two of us and that ends up being $270 AUD for an hours massage for both of us, that’s more than we would usually spend. 

Me swimming with a turtle at our Maldives resort
The lagoon right at our resort had some amazing snorkelling. Here is me and a turtle!

Maldives Speedboat Transfer Cost

Seaplane or speedboat transfers from Male to the resort islands can range from $150 to $500 per person, depending on the distance. The transfers are almost never included in your accommodation costs. 

We paid $87.50 USD per person each way for transfer to and from the Cinnamon Dhonvelli which I though was extortion. We are around boats every day of our lives and to pay $300 USD for two 20 minute transfers seemed an absolute rip off to me.

Once we got there and Brad saw the boat he didn’t think it was quite as bad as we thought (as in the price not the boat), but it still stung. The boat was a nice new boat all enclosed with great big windows so it was a nice transfer but it was still a lot of money. 

Considering these factors, a one-week trip to the Maldives can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000 or more.

Conclusion: Is the Maldives Worth the Cost for You?

So, is the Maldives worth the cost for you?

That truly depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re after an unmatched luxury experience, value privacy, and are ready to splurge, then the Maldives is certainly worth it.

However, if you’re budget-conscious or are seeking a cultural or adventurous holiday, there might be other destinations that would give you more bang for your buck.

In the end, the true value of the Maldives can’t be compared to other destinations that don’t offer the exact same experience.

Is it an affordable vacation? No. Hell NO!

But it is a once in a lifetime visit for most people, particularly if you are from Australia and to have splashed out on a week of having not a care in the world was 100% worth it.

Would I have paid the 10k we should have? I honestly don’t know. At the time no – we didn’t have it, but if we had a little more savings at the time, maybe yes we would have. 

If the cost is measured in the breath-taking sunsets, the serene beaches, and the memories that stay with you long after you’ve left its shores – YES the Maldives are worth it.

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  1. Just got back from the Maldives, and this article nails it! The privacy and unique beauty of the islands are unmatched. Yes, it’s a splurge, but every penny was worth it for that breathtaking view from the overwater bungalow. Don’t even get me started on the marine life! Absolutely a bucket-list destination. Thanks for the detailed write-up, ChargeTheGlobe!

  2. Interesting read! I’ve always thought the Maldives was way out of my price range. Do you have any tips for finding deals on flights or accommodations? Really trying to make a trip there work without breaking the bank.

  3. Everyone raves about the Maldives, but what about the environmental impact of these luxury resorts on the local ecosystem? Sure, it looks like paradise, but at what cost to nature?

    • You’ve raised a vital point, CritiqueGal. It’s essential for travelers to consider the environmental impact of their vacations. Choosing eco-friendly resorts and respecting local habitats can make a difference. Responsible tourism is key.

  4. sounds cool and all, but is there any sort of nightlife or parties in the maldives? like i get its pretty and chill but a dude also wants to have a good time you know

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