How to get from Gold Coast Airport to Surfers Paradise or Broadbeach

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How To Get To Your Accommodation From the Coolangatta Airport

f you have planned your trip to the Gold Coast and are flying into Coolangatta airport you will need to know how to get to your accommodation from the airport.

The Gold Coast is very spread out and you may have booked accommodation anywhere from Coolangatta to Labrador. You have several options for getting to Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach or Main Beach from the airport and as its only approximately 15k its an easy trip. 

Here is an overview of how to get to the Central suburbs of the Gold Coast from Coolangatta Airport

How To Get From Coolangatta Airport to Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise or Main Beach

1: Get the public bus from the airport to Broadbeach

The Gold Coast has a tram now however it only travels from Broadbeach South Station to Helensvale Station in the north. This is the most affordable way to get from Coolangatta airport to Surfers Paradise. If you want to go further north from Broadbeach you have to get the bus from the airport to Broadbeach South station and then switch to the tram to travel further north than Broadbeach. 

Don’t stress as the buses and trams line up easily and you can’t get lost. 

The 777 bus picks up at the bus station right out the front of the arrivals hall at Coolangatta airport and will drop you off at Broadbeach South station which is the last stop. You can get on the bus and watch the world go by until you pull into the Broadbeach South station without worrying where to get off. 

This route (the 777) is an express and does have limited stops so if you are not planning on going as far as Broadbeach South, please check the stops here to be sure you can get off where you need to go.

Prices: How much is it for the bus from Gold Coast airport to Surfers Paradise?

It will be $4.34 for an adult fare with a GoCard from the airport to Broadbeach or Surfers Paradise.

If you are continuing on north of the Broadbeach South Tram station you will have to transfer to the tram. Your ticket will cover you so don’t tap off until you get to your final stop (GoCards need to be tapped on and off). 

Ticket typePrice
go card adult$4.34
go card concession$2.17
go card off-peak adult$3.47 (off-peak)
go card off-peak concession$1.74 (off-peak)
Single paper adult$6.30
Single paper concession$3.10

Children aged 5 – 14 years travel free on weekends with a valid go card (excludes Airtrain).

Off-peak: From 8.30am to 3.30pm and after 7pm weekdays until 6am the following day and all day weekends and gazetted public holidays. Last trip must be commenced before off-peak ends.

Other Bus Options

Alternatively you can catch the 700 route which also goes north to the Broadbeach South Station but it does stop at every stop.

To catch this bus you need to turn right as you walk out the doors of the airport and follow the footpath around and down Terminal drive, crossing at the big intersection on Gold Coast Highway onto Golden Four Drive.

There is a bus station about 100m from the intersection on your left as you get to Golden Four Drive. It’s probably about 1km from the airport doors to the bus stop and there is a path all the way. 

Translink buses and trams are cashless and do require a Translink card to be used. Luckily you can order one online here and have it ready to use when you arrive. They can take 10 days to be posted however so order it well in time. The Translink card is very useful as the buses are by far the best way to get to the theme parks so you will use it.

Translink Bus Route 777 from the Gold Coast airport
Translink Bus Route 777 from the Gold Coast airport

2: Use a Rideshare Service from Coolangatta Airport to Broadbeach or Surfers Paradise

A popular option to get to and from the Gold Coast Airport is by using a rideshare app. Both Uber and Didi are available on the Gold Coast. 

The airport has a rideshare pickup zone that is easy to find situated in front of the international arrivals area, in the outer lane. If you leave via the domestic arrivals area, simply exit the airport and turn left following the path until you reach the pickup zone. It is well marked. 

Prices: How much from Gold Coast airport to Surfers Paradise with a rideshare company?

Approximate fares from Coolangatta airport to the following locations are below. Fares can change based on demand and can edge up toward $70 if you are during a surge period.

South Broadbeach $32-38
Broadbeach $35-40
Surfers Paradise $38-42
Main Beach $40-45

We have found that Uber is quicker to arrive but usually at a higher cost than Didi, while Didi can take longer to arrive but can be quite a bit cheaper than Uber. If you are arriving late in the evening I would consider booking a rideshare as the southern Gold Coast isn’t a busy area after around 10pm so you may have to wait if you don’t book.

3: Grab a Cab from Coolangatta Airport to your Accommodation

Gold Coast Taxis have a rank at the airport, however with the arrival of the rideshare apps they aren’t always queued up waiting like they used to be. There is usually a coordinator on site so you will get one, it just might not be waiting in the queue for you. 

Call 13cabs or get their app to use while you are here. 

Gold Coast Cabs website gives me these fare estimates. 

South Broadbeach $47-55
Broadbeach $50-62
Surfers Paradise $60-75
Main Beach $65-80

4: Book an airport shuttle

The Gold Coast has a few shuttle options. Con-X-ion has both a shared shuttle service and private transfers.

Their shared shuttle service is $25 per pax for transfers to Broadbeach South up to Main Beach. This shuttle service can be booked online however you do need to know your accommodation & flight information before you book. Alternatively you can choose a public drop off point like the Surfers Paradise Travel Center if you don’t know where your accommodation is yet. 

Book online with Con-X-ion

Gold Coast Airport Transfers provide private door to door services. Their prices are listed below. 

 Gold Coast Airport To/From Gold Coast central (Burleigh Heads to Surfers Paradise)

  • 1 – 2 passengers – $90.00
  • 3 – 4 passengers – $110.00
  • 5 – 6 passengers – $130.00
  • 7 – 8 passengers – $150.00
  • 9 – 10 passengers – $ 170.00
  • 11 – 12 passengers – $180.00
  • 13+ passengers – Please Enquire

ALL Gold Coast Airport Transfers are express, door-to-door PRIVATE services

5: Get A Rental Car At Coolangatta Airport

All the big rental car services operate from Gold Coast Airport at Coolangatta. Do not plan on winging it when you get here though as Australia wide rental car prices are very high and availability is limited at present. 

Why not splash out and get a convertible or muscle car to enjoy our fantastic weather.

Hire a sports car for your holiday on the Gold Coast
Hire a sports car for your holiday on the Gold Coast

What’s the best way for you to get to your accommodation on the Gold Coast from the Coolangatta Airport?

Budget conscious travellers would be best to catch the bus or look at the shared shuttle services.

If you are prepared to spend a little more (or there are 2-4 of you) a rideshare would be the most affordable and probably the quickest.

Or if you would prefer some peace and quiet and have your transport to yourself, consider ordering a private transfer. 

A hire car will give you the ultimate flexibility, however you will pay for that service.

Whatever option you choose, enjoy the beaches, hiking, shopping, food and nightlife on our beautiful Gold Coast.

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