30 Second Advice – No 20: Find Airport Airlines

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Find Out What Airlines Fly To A Particular Airport

Have you ever wanted to fly somewhere and spend hours on Google flights or Skyscanner trying to find the best options? Have I got the tip for you!

Did you know that for every registered airport worldwide, Wikipedia has a list of airlines and their destinations from each listed.

Simply type “Maun Airport” (or whatever airport you want) into your search bar and at the top will most likely show the Wikipedia entry for that airport. If it doesn’t of course you can just go straight to Wikipedia and search there.

Once you find the link and click through, scroll to the bottom of the page and there will be an Airlines and Destinations section. It is so helpful! You can see what airlines fly into and out of the airport you are searching for and where they go.

Honestly knowing this has saved me possibly months of flight searches. Knowing that I can get from Johannesburg to Maun is vital in planning my trip.

You can thank me later!!

Airlines and destinations for Maun airport Botswana
Airlines and destinations for Maun airport Botswana from Wikipedia