South Korea

Everything you need to know for your trip to South Korea

Namdaemun Market Seoul

10 Best Things To Do In Seoul

Learn what to see and do in your time in Seoul. From Seoul Tower to hiking the city walls, there is heaps to see and do in this amazing city.

The Garden of Morning Calm, Seoul

How To Visit The Garden Of Morning Calm, Seoul

The Garden of Morning Calm is a must visit winter destination from Seoul. Over a billion (yes that's a billion) fairy lights illuminate this garden and attract visitors from all over not just South Korea but the world as well.

A frangipani bathroom at Hotel Incheon, Seoul

Hotel Sky Incheon And The Most Amazing Bathroom Ever

Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes I firmly believe that they go wrong just so that you can experience something you might not otherwise have. Like this completely floral bathroom I had after waiting in Fukuoka airport for over 10 hours due to a delayed flight. Check out my post about this amazing bathroom that made me smile at the end of a really crap day.

Bombo the Jeju Olle hiking dog.

Bombo The Jeju Hiking Dog

Randomly one of my days spent hiking the Jeju Olle in South Korea was shared with a dog called Bombo. Read on to hear all about how the day unfolded and to find out just how many strawberries Bombo ate!