South Korea

Everything you need to know for your trip to South Korea

A frangipani bathroom at Hotel Incheon, Seoul

Hotel Sky Incheon And The Most Amazing Bathroom Ever

Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes I firmly believe that they go wrong just so that you can experience something you might not otherwise have. Like this completely floral bathroom I had after waiting in Fukuoka airport for over 10 hours due to a delayed flight. Check out my post about this amazing bathroom that made me smile at the end of a really crap day.

Bombo the Jeju Olle hiking dog.

Bombo The Jeju Hiking Dog

Randomly one of my days spent hiking the Jeju Olle in South Korea was shared with a dog called Bombo. Read on to hear all about how the day unfolded and to find out just how many strawberries Bombo ate!