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Arashiyama Bamboo forest Kyoto

9 Must Visit Locations In Arashiyama

Arashiyama is well known for its Bamboo Forest, however there are many more things to see and do in Arashiyama. From the temple path to the Sagano sightseeing train, here are my top things to see and do in Kyoto's Arashiyama.

Main entrance to Abashiri Prison Museum, Japan

What to See At Abashiri Prison Museum Hokkaido

How to visit the Abashiri Prison museum in Abashiri, far north Hokkaido. The prison was known as Japan's Alcatraz and true to this reputation there was only ever one escape from Abashiri. Check out how to visit this great location and what to see and do while you are there.

Monkeys sunbake too

How To See The Snow Monkeys of Japan

Experience the enchanting world of Japan's famous snow monkeys in our latest blog post. Discover the unique behaviours, habitat, and the best times to visit the Snow Monkeys of Japan