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Rio Tortugeuro, Costa Rica

10 Best Hotels In Tortuguero Costa Rica

Heading to Tortuguero in Costa Rica soon? Here is a great list of 10 hotels for your stay in Tortuguero. From budget rooms to luxury lodges, I'm sure you will find something to suite your budget and taste.

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

10 Best Hotels In El Nido Palawan

El Nido is one of Palawan's most visited destinations. If you are heading there soon, check out this post showcasing some of the best hotels for any budget.

The 10 Best Day Trips From Reykjavik Iceland

The 10 Best Day Trips From Reykjavik

Iceland is an incredible country to see and its capital Reykjavik has a lot within driving distance. From snorkeling between tectonic plates to swimming in hot pools, check out my list of the top 10 day tours from Reykjavik.

A frangipani bathroom at Hotel Incheon, Seoul

Hotel Sky Incheon And The Most Amazing Bathroom Ever

Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes I firmly believe that they go wrong just so that you can experience something you might not otherwise have. Like this completely floral bathroom I had after waiting in Fukuoka airport for over 10 hours due to a delayed flight. Check out my post about this amazing bathroom that made me smile at the end of a really crap day.