The Cambodia Travel Guide | Everything You Need To Know

Travelling In Cambodia

Cambodia is so much more than you think it is going to be. It was very confronting at times and the fact that the Pol Pot regime decimated a third of the countries population was something that I thought would be in your face every where you went.

It's not of course and the Cambodian people have rallied well and strongly. You should never visit Cambodia without doing the Genocide Museum and the Killing fields however outside of those monuments I found the Cambodian way of life refreshing and pure. The country is beautiful, the people are amazing and the food makes it hard to leave.

Popular Tours Of Cambodia

Ultimate Cambodian Adventure

Angkor Wat Reflection Pool at dawn

To and from Phnom Penh, this tour visits Siem Reap, Kampong Cham, Kratie, Battambang & Kampot

  • 14 days
  • 4.6 stars rating
  • From $2499 AUD
  • Operated by G Adventures

Best of Cambodia – Intrepid Travel

Cambodia's flag flying over the killing fields

Start and end in Phnom Penh visiting Sambor Prei Kuk, Angkor Wat, Koh Rong, Kampot & more

  • 14 days
  • 4.6 stars rating
  • From $2355 AUD
  • Operated by Intrepid Travel

Tailor-Made 15 Days Cambodia Adventure

Sihanoukville Beach, Cambodia

Discover Angkor Wat, explore floating villages, learn about the Khmer & relax on beaches.

  • 15 days
  • 4.9 stars rating
  • From $5608 AUD
  • Operated by Agate Travel

Cambodia 20 Days Amazing Tour

Beng Malea Ruins, about 40km from Siem Reap, Cambodia

From and to Phnom Penh this tour covers in depth Cambodia, visiting some hidden gems.

  • 20 days
  • 5.0 stars rating
  • From $5719 AUD
  • Operator: About Cambodia Travels

3 Must Do's For Cambodia

Angkor Wat Reflection Pool at dawn

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is so much more than the main temple. Get up at 4am and go for the dawn if for no other reason that to get into the temple while everyone else is at the reflection pool. OMG an hour inside Angkor Wat on our own was incredible. Read my tips for the day.

Cambodia's flag flying over the killing fields

The Killing Fields

We had a guide for this day and were very glad we did, however I've heard that they have a great audio tour now so it might be possible to do it without the guide these days. I personally really resonated with the personal stories your guide will tell you and would still take that option if given the chance. Don't miss the Killing Fields and Museum

Bamboo bridge at Kampong Cham Cambodia

Kampong Cham

While there is a concrete bridge now, Kampong Cham's bamboo bridge is still rebuilt every year by the locals as a cycle and pedestrian bridge. See if you can organise a push bike tour over to the island. It is a great day and cycling over that wobbly damn bridge will get your heart racing for sure! It's a great quiet town too and very Cambodian.

More Things To Do In Cambodia

Cambodia is way more than just Angkor Wat. You can easily fill at least 10 days in this small country and there is a lot to see and do. 

  • Spend a few days in Pnom Penh – its a great city

  • Get a trip out to the flooded forest from Siem Reap

  • If you are desperate for a beach stay and do go to Sihnoukville, get a day trip out to the islands. It's much nicer than the main town.

  • Visit Bang Malea Ruins accessible from Seam Reap

  • Spend a few days in Pnom Penh – its a great city

  • Take a microlight flight over Angkor Wat

  • Get out to Koh Rong from Sinhoukville. I'm sure it's over run now but it was great when we were there 10 years ago.

  • Eat Tarantulas. It's true the little hairs get stuck in your throat but they aren't as bad as you think

  • Get up to Kulen Prum Tep Wildlife Sanctuary in the north. It is primarily a bird sanctuary but there is some great hiking as well.

  • Try and find a homestay somewhere

My Favourite Photo From Cambodia

The killing fields, Cambodia
The killing fields, Cambodia

This just looks like some random field doesn't it?

It's not. this is the Killing Fields in Cambodia.

Why is it my favourite photo from Cambodia? That takes a little explaining.

When you do the Genocide museum (and you should always do that before the Killing Fields), you learn the entire story of what the Pol Pot regime did and the horrific atrocities they inflicted on their own people. I am always very affected by these events and really struggle for days afterwards. This day was no different so by the time we got to the killing fields we were all pretty subdued and feeling very sad.Paige (my neice who was with us) is very similar to me and we had both had a bit of a cry at the museum.

I was hanging back a little from the group and was gazing over this field when I noticed all the butterflies.

There were thousands of them and they were fluttering around on the breeze. Immediately it crossed my mind that hopefully these were the souls of the dead, free at last and in between tears I mentioned this to Paige. She smiled a sad smile and told me that was exactly what she was hoping.

It was spring and the ground covers were in bloom and they were just butterflies, but that hope enabled us to spend the rest of the day a little less sad. That's why this photo means so  much to me.

Freedom is worth fighting for!