30 Second Advice – No 4 Wash Before Use

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30 Second Advice No 4: Wash Before Use!

Never ever ever use anything in a hostel kitchen without washing it in boiling hot water first.

You wouldn't believe the things I've seen in hostel kitchens. It is mortifying to me to see people act how they never would at home, mostly because they will be gone the next day or they just don't care.

I've seen:

  • a girl cut up raw chicken on a cutting board and then just put it back in the slot
  • a guy eat his joghurt with a spoon, lick the spoon and put it back. Even though there was hot water in the sink
  • another guy come into the kitchen, grab a dinner plate, go to his room, get his dirty washing (mostly socks and jocks), carry it into the kitchen using the dinner plate, put it in the machine and put the plate back in the cupboard. 

Never EVER EVER use any utensil in a hostel without washing it first.


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