30 Second Advice – No 17: Using Flight Mode On Your Phone When You Travel

Using Flight Mode For More Than Flying

If you have ever been worken up with a start when your phone rings while you are sleeping you know just how detrimental that is to a good nights rest.

Traveling to almost anywhere from Australia means for the most part that you are on a completely different time zone. While this isn't usually a drama, there is nothing worse than being woken from a deep sleep by a ringing phone. If I'm ever woken by a ringing phone I always think the worst and while it might be nothing, it is so hard to get back to sleep after being woken like that.

To avoid this, get into the habit of setting your phone to flight mode when you go to bed every night. Your message bank will handle any calls and you can get a great nights sleep without being woken up by a spam call. They are the worst!

YES you might miss an important call but its the middle of the night and you are on the other side of the world. Let your loved ones know you do this and that you will check first thing every morning just in case. Honestly what are you going to do from Croatia in the middle of the night anyway??

Trust me – a good nights sleep will mean that even if something awful does happen, you are in the right mind to handle it when you do know.

Worried about security without a phone?

I've had people tell me that they are concerned about not having their phone accessible in the middle of the night. This is one reason why I set my phone to flight more. Its simply a swipe down and one touch to turn it off compared to trying to actually turn on your phone in a hurry.

30 Second Advice - Sleep With Flight Mode on for a more restful sleep.,
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