30 Second Advice – No 8: Schedule Days Off

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30 Second Advice No 8: Schedule Days Off

Why do we think that because we are travelling we don’t need “days off”?? Traveling isn’t all puppies and unicorns.

Travelling can be HARD, stressful, tiresome and exhausting.

I learnt years ago that I need to make sure I have consistent days off in my longer trips. If you are spending two weeks lounging around the islands in the Philippines, OK that is pretty much two weeks off, however if you are on the move, catching trains and buses, having to find your accommodation at 10pm, booking onward travel, sightseeing and trying to maximise your time Vs your budget – YOU WILL NEED SOME TIME OFF!

Regular Time Off:

If I’m on the move pretty regularly I always allow at least one “day off” per 10. Sometimes it’s two weeks and I will have two days, sometimes it’s 5 days and I will grab one before I move on, but I try and keep it to at least one full day off in every 10 days.

You need time to rest and recoup and you need to make sure you don’t use this time for research and planning. 


You will find it will become routine and you will travel better for it.

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Here I am relaxing on Gili Meno in Indonesia

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