30 Second Advice – No 1 Running

Never Assume There Won't Be Running

This isn't my first underwear advice post, however unlike my last one (read about shit pant waddle Amanda) this is quick & easy.

Ladies – never assume when you put on those lovely silky undies, underneath those relaxed fit Lycra yoga pants that you won't have to run at some point.

We pulled into the camp ground at Etosha National Park in Namibia right on dusk.
The shop closes at dusk.
The shop is also the bottle shop, liquor store, off-license – whatever you call it and we'd come down through areas where alcohol wasn't an option so the idea of sipping my African Amarula while watching the waterhole for wildlife that night had a strong pull.

It wouldn't have been a challenge, except the shop is at the camp entrance and we were camping at the back. So a sprint through the park trying to run, hold up my pants which were sliding dangerously close to exposing parts I would rather keep private and I learnt very quickly. NEVER WEAR SILKY UNDIES AND SLINKY PANTS TOGETHER.

Luckily there were people in the shop and I got Amarula before she closed, but it was touch and go with the pant-holding-weird-aussie-woman run going on!

Don't assume there won't be running!

Jenny Marsden - Charge The Globe
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