30 Second Advice – No 13: Multi Use Shoe Bags

A Great Multi Use Way To Pack Your Dirty Shoes

If you don't already travel with a dry bag you should. Apart from being great packing cubes and keeping things dry, like Camera gear, they are also good for packing wet items into. We are all so focused on keeping things dry but if you've ever had to travel with a wet towel or swimsuit, you will know what I mean. I avoid plastic bags at all costs but I always felt like I had to find one to pack my wet towel or hiking boots into.

Then I figured out another great use for my dry bag. I turn it inside out and pack my dirty hiking shoes in it!

Mine is a 15 litre I think from Cotswold Outdoors and that thing is the best packing Item I have. Why do I turn it inside out? They are super easy to clean so you can just wipe it down when you get where you are going, but the main reason I turn it inside out is that IF I am packing in a hurry, turning it inside out means that I 100% know that the inside is clean and won't make anything in my bag dirty just in case I've put it down alongside a river or something when I'm using it for something else. Then when I arrive I take my shoes out, turn it back out the right way and wash or wipe it down.


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