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Japan makes the BEST clothes pegs

I know it seems like nothing – but Japan makes the absolute best clothes pegs.

I can hear you all going – what the hell is she doing, going to the effort to write a blog post about Japanese clothes pegs. That’s because you don’t own any!

If you are going to Japan at anytime in the near future and you see these babies, grab a pack or a few packs, OR grab a pack and send them to me! I accidentally sat on my little pencil case of clothes pegs about two days after I got to Japan and well, I’m not exactly a light weight and most of them broke.

So off I went to the supermarket to get some more. I was actually a bit bummed because they only had these ones that were pretty bulky so I almost didn’t buy them, but I had washing to do and I needed them so I figured I would just keep half a dozen and give the rest away. One of the best things I’ve ever bought.

They aren’t super travel friendly because they aren’t small, but those babies will keep your hand wrung out polar fleece on the line in a friggin hurricane! They are wonderful creations and now that I’m down to my last two (they have survived 3½ years!) I’m seriously thinking about a trip back to Japan to get more!

I’m not kidding – I’ve thought about it. The sushi might also be a factor, but the clothes pegs are right up there!

Japanese clothes pegs
Japanese Clothes Pegs

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