30 Second Advice – No 14: Be Who You Are

Travel With You Own Style – Be Who You Are

Be who you are when you travel.

Don't haul a suitcase everywhere if you are a boho fringe loving hippie just because its the norm. If you want to travel with an army backpack because that's what makes you you, don't let anyone talk you into what you “should” do. Be who you are.

Sure there are times when you have to lug your bag across the sand, or up a heap of stairs, but those times are limited in comparison to what style of bag works for how you travel. Don't buy into the backpacking mentality if the lack of easy access to everything is a nightmare for you. Don't take a hard shell case if you routinely walk a couple of km's to your accommodation over rough terrain. Do what works for you!

Travel pushes you out of your comfort zone on so many occasions, BUT being who you are can mean that is one less thing to stress you out. Having a suitcase instead of a backpack if that’s you, is perfectly fine. Wearing your own clothes and not getting sucked into the daft assumption that you need “travel clothes” will mean you are confident and comfortable. If you have the money and want to stay at the Marriott – go for it! What you’re wearing, carrying or where you’re staying should not leave you stressed and on edge to begin with.

If you are a boho hippie and want to see the world in hessian pants and rubber sandals you have just as much right to do that as the backpack lugging, cargo pant wearing “travelers” you will meet.

Do it your way and feel good about it.

There is one hard and fast exception to this rule however – Denim almost never works for long term travel. It's not warm. It takes eons to dry. It's heavy and it doesn't wear well (and I don't mean long term durability, I mean how it looks after a day or two). I can wear a pair of black pants 3 days in a row and no-one ever notices, but if I wear the same pair of jeans for three days, they look like I've slept in them by the end of day 3.

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